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I Play Oolite 1.90

Commander Simona
Gender Female
Origin Aronar, Santaari
Species Human
Ship Cobra Mark III: Nocturnal Maru
Location Lara'tan
Rank Dangerous
Missions Completed Constrictor Thief

Screen Shots

Docked at Lezaer, Lara'tan. A most profitable region.
Torus Station: 29 Mar., 2021

CaptSolo's Oolite AddOns

This is the complete list. I don't clutter up my Ooniverse with a lot of junk.

Background Set Audio and video enhance the immersion factor of the game. I did, however, remove all vocal messages in lieu of sound effects.
Comms Pack A Adds a range of communications messages to NPCs using the new communications routines.
Cougar ST A rare but fearsome hunter that only operates in the more dangerous systems.
Galactic Registry This OXP aims to provide pilots with data relating to their current sector and better understand the galaxy they work in.
Griff / Solo Core Shipset Griff's models and textures. Griff's shaders heavily modified by CaptSolo. New NPC and player decals (images below).
Library A collection of useful snippets and helpers. Its main purpose is to simplify or unify some common tasks used by OXPers.
Navigation MFD This piece of kit will display additional information on the ASC target. Available from the Expansion Manager.
Random Hits Light (v1.4.19) Random Hits OXP modified such that only core ships are represented. A personal edition not available except upon request.
Random Ship Names Gives all ships of normal roles a randomly generated name. Some are plain jane but others are quite descriptive.
Solo's Alternate Main Stations Personal OXP adding alternate main stations using Griff's earlier models with new shaders and textures. Not available except upon request.
ZygoUgo's Combined AddOns My personal bundled OXP edition combining ZygoUgo's Asteroids, Cinematic Skies & Nebula, and Explosions.

Griff / CaptSolo Core Replacement Shipset

Models and textures by Griff. Shaders by Griff modified by CaptSolo. New ship decals and shipdata editions by CaptSolo. These and the Cougar (present in some versions of Elite) are the only ships in my Ooniverse.

Solos adder.png
align="center" Adder
Solos anaconda.png
align="center" Anaconda
Solos asp2.png
align="center" Asp Mk2
Solos boa.png
align="center" Boa
Solos boa2.png
align="center" Boa2 Class Cruiser
Solos cobra1.png
align="center" Cobra Mk1
Solos cobra3.png
align="center" Cobra Mk3
Solos cobra3-scuffed.png
align="center" Scuffed Cobra Mk3
Solos fdl.png
align="center" Fer-de-Lance V1
Solos fdl-alt.png
align="center" Fer-de-Lance V2
Solos gecko.png
align="center" Gecko
Solos krait.png
align="center" Krait
Solos mamba.png
align="center" Mamba
Solos moray-starboat.png
align="center" Moray Star Boat
Solos python-alt.png
align="center" Python V1
Solos python.png
align="center" Python V2
Solos shuttle.png
align="center" Orbital Shuttle
Solos sidewinder.png
align="center" Sidewinder Scout Ship
Solos thargoid.png
align="center" Thargoid Warship
Solos thargon.png
align="center" Thargoid Robot Fighter
Solos transporter.png
align="center" Transporter
Solos viper.png
align="center" Viper
Solos viperi.png
align="center" Viper Interceptor
Solos worm.png
align="center" Worm
Solos cougar.png
align="center" Cougar

Alternate Main Stations & Solo's Rock Hermit

Models and shaders by Griff, Textures by PAGroove modified extensively by CaptSolo including new specular and normalmaps. Torus model by Murgh, shaders by Griff, and new textures by CaptSolo. Rock Hermit model and textures by Killer Wolf for Anarchies OXP, a dockable asteroid for salvage gangs. Shader effects by Griff.

Alt coriolis.png
align="center" Alternate Coriolis
Alt dodo.png
align="center" Alternate Dodo
Alt ico.png
align="center" Alternate Ico
Torus station1.png
align="center" Torus Station
align="center" Rock Hermit

CaptSolo's Star Charts

I love maps and map making, but don't mistake these for serious charts:
Solo's Chart One
Solo's Chart Two
Solo's Chart Three
Solo's Chart Four
Solo's Chart Five
Solo's Chart Six
Solo's Chart Seven
Solo's Chart Eight

SoloTek Industries

Cobra Mark III-XT
Copperhead Mk. II OXP
Cougar ST OXP
I Missile

Collaborative OXP's

Deepspace Ships - Core addition shipset, upgraded graphically, and made compatible with Oolite 1.80
Simon B's Ships OXP - A collection from Simon Bridge's Neolite OXP's, upgraded graphically and made compatible with Oolite 1.80.
Torus Stations - All new textures and shaders, and made compatible with Oolite 1.80.