Solo's Chart Seven

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Chart Seven Sectors:

00: Vertical Pollywog 06: Brainy Batoid
01: Obtuse Goose 07: Baying Wolf
02: Hoarder's Halo 08: Leaping Frog
03: Helmet's Deep 09: Burrowing Grub
04: Kneeling Star-Child 10: Placable Pisces
05: Gandalf's Hat


Smallest Planet: Erbieder in Baying Wolf, with radius of 2817 km.
Largest Planet: Ondira in Helmet's Deep, with radius of 6887 km.
Tech Level 15 #1: Maraus, a fairly large planet in Gandalf's Hat, populated by Small Yellow Lizards
Tech Level 15 #2: Quandixe, a fairly large planet in Leaping Frog, populated by Human Colonials
Economy Mode: Two way tie, Average Agricultural and Poor Industrial
Tech Level Mode: TL 8
Hub Count Mode: 6