Solo's Chart Six

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Chart Six Sectors:

00: Diablo's Corner 07: Ormadi Pentagon
01: Crepitant Realms 08: Fluted Pipe
02: Horned Slug 09: Oresmaa Pentagon
03: Spartan Bottleneck 10: Triune Confederacy
04: Cirrus Consortium 11: Repto Ascendo
05: Laird's Fief 12: Brigands Outreach
06: Cequabe Alliance


Smallest Planet: Teesso in Diablo's Corner, with radius of 2828 km.
Largest Planet: Onbeso in Laird's Fief, with radius of 6900 km.
Tech Level 15: Diesanen, a large planet in Cirrus Consortium, populated by Bony Birds
Economy Mode: Poor Industrial
Tech Level Mode: TL 7
Hub Count Mode: 7