Solo's Chart Three

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Chart Three Sectors:

00: Outer Limit 07: Deadly Poet
01: Destiny Zone 08: Alien Weapon
02: Hook's Pass 09: Leaping Lizard
03: Coiled Mamba 10: Bug-Eyed Bird
04: Serpentine Arc 11: Crystalline Way
05: Hermit's Pipe 12: Smivs' Teapot
06: Preying Manta


Smallest Planet: Arbeis in Alien Weapon, with radius of 2824 km.
Largest Planet: Aenqute in Serpentine Arc, with radius of 6904 km.
Tech Level 15: None. Seven with TL = 14
Best TL 14: Lezaer, a smallish planet in dense region of Preying Moray, populated by Human Colonials
Economy Mode: Average Agricultural
Tech Level Mode: TL 8
Hub Count Mode: 7