Solo's Chart Four

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Chart Four Sectors:

00: Crystalline Core 07: Becka's Badge
01: Poetic Poser 08: Hippy Hamster
02: Crafty Courier 09: Hoopy Humanoid
03: Menacing Monopod 10: Angry Arachnid
04: Tubular Torture 11: Waisted Worm
05: Chambered Chrysalis 12: Lonely Lobstoid
06: Feral Fluke-Worm


Weird chart, this. It only has four of the eight possible government types.

Smallest Planet: Ange in Hoopy Humanoid, with radius of 2823 km.
Largest Planet: Aenlege in Tubular Torture, with radius of 6911 km.
Tech Level 15: None. Two with TL = 14
Best TL 14: Dicebe, a fairly large planet in Hoopy Humanoid, populated by Rodents
Economy Mode: Four way tie: Poor and Mainly Industrial, Average and Poor Agricultural
Tech Level Mode: TL 7
Hub Count Mode: 6