Camera Drones

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Camera Drones OXP
Name Camera Drones (various)
Cost 1,000₢
TL Availability 8

Camera Drones allow you to get a different perspective on the action, by complementing your ship's hull-mounted cameras and sensors.


While in flight, press Shift-N to cycle through your equipment to the camera drones. Then use the secondary activation key (b) to select the camera you wish to use from the installed list. When you have selected the camera, activate the equipment (n), and switch to your external view (v). To deactivate the drones, and return to your default external view, press 'n' again.

There are four available cameras:

CameraDrone MissileCam.png

Missile camera

The Missile Camera tracks your most recently fired missile, following it closely to its target. If you have no missiles currently in flight, this setting cannot be used, and the camera drones will be deactivated.

Fly-by camera

This camera begins ahead of your ship, then flies alongside it to a similar distance aft. Then, the sequence begins again, rotated. Useful for checking your hull for damage. Four variations of fly-by are available.

CameraDrone DockingCam.png

Docking camera

This camera is positioned in a fixed location near the docking port of the nearest station. Activate the camera, then turn on your docking computer and watch your ship fly in from a new perspective.

Target cameras

These cameras provide an approximate simulation of your current target's forward view, or two different nearby views. May give odd results if your current target is not a ship.

Extra drones?

Camera Drones allows the definition of extra drone cameras by other OXPs. Read the readme file in the OXP download for more information.


Download Camera Drones 1.4. (Requires Oolite 1.80 or later)

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