Hard Eject

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Hard Eject OXP by Stranger


This OXP changes game mechanics by implementing more strong (and more realistic!) rules of ship insurance.

By default ejection from ship in an escape capsule leads only to loss of cargo (and escape capsule itself). One's new ship inherits all the functional equipment from the lost ship regardless of system TL - you get a ship fully equipped with high tech gadgets anywhere even in low tech systems!

Hard Eject's insurance rules give you merely a ship of basic configuration. All your lost upgrades display on your F5 screen as damaged. You may restore lost upgrades immediately if the system TL allows it - or do so later in another system with adequate TL. In both cases insurance covers merely 50% of the lost equipment price.

Galactic hyperdrive remains in inventory to prevent being trapped in isolated systems.

All standard lasers are removed from inventory and replaced with front pulse laser (or miner laser in the case of a miner scenario).

All pylon mounted items (missiles, mines, extra fuel tanks, pylon mounted galactic hyperdrive pods etc) are removed without compensation.

Extra items, gathered as awards in missions (cloaking device for example) are also removed from inventory without compensation.

List of extra items, removed from inventory without compensation:

• Military Jammer aka MASC'M

• Military Scanner Filtering

• Naval Cloaking Device

• Naval Energy Unit

• Shield Enhancers

To achieve the 50% insurance fee you must have CLEAR legal status and not have ANY installed second-hand (salvaged) equipment!


Compatibility Issues

This OXP is not compatible with Ship Repurchase OXP (author phkb). This OXP is not compatible with Repair Bots (author Thargoid) or any such OXP, restoring damaged equipment in flight.

Version history

13.02.2019 - Version 0.4.1 Converted onto OXZ.

14.04.2018 - Version 0.4 In case of miner scenario ship remains mining laser in front port. manifest.plist added. 31.03.2018 - Version 0.3 Script rewritten to dynamically process additional OXP equipment.

03.12.2013 - Version 0.2. Script modified to prevent infinite loop in case of nonstandard pylon mounted equipment (obsolete, now I have better decision). Pylon mounted Galactic Drive pods removed from inventory without compensation.

22.11.2013 - Version 0.1. Initial release.