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This OXP attempts to make life a bit simpler for pilots by automatically priming a specific piece of equipment whenever the MFD related to it is selected in an MFD slot. The trigger for the automatic priming is either when an MFD is cycled to a particular MFD ID (using the ";" key), or an MFD slot is selected where a particular MFD ID is already displayed (using the ":") key.

At present, the following equipment items will be activated when their MFD is selected:

This OXP requires Oolite 1.85/86 in order to function.

3rd Party Interface

If other MFD's would like to add themselves to this control mechanism, they simply need to add this line to their startup scripts:

 worldScripts.AutoPrimeEquipment.$addConfig("MyMFDID", "EQ_MY_EQUIP_ID");

The first parameter is the ID being used for the MFD. This value is required.

The second parameter is the equipment key for the equipment item to be primed when the mfd ID is selected. Entering a value of "" (blank) will result in the MFD ID being removed from the list.


Download AutoPrimeEquipment.oxz v1.2 (downloaded 197 times).


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Version History


  • Corrections to manifest.plist file.


  • Added MFD/equipment item pairs for Telescope and Escort Deck.


  • Initial release

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