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This OXP has been developed by Staer9 and uses full shaders to create some (hopefully) great looking ships, it is based on the Neolite Companion OXP and therefore replaces the ships from the following OXPs: Old Ships, Aegidian's Specials, Aegidian's X-Ships, and Python Class Cruiser.

Please note that this OXP does NOT replace any core ships, it adds a variety of extra ships to the game, all the ships are nicely balanced and the ships shouldn't be any harder for the average Jameson to kill.

The ships are styled similarly to Griff's ships and are designed to be used alongside his shipset.

Ship Gallery

Staer9 shipset (1).jpg Staer9 shipset (2).jpg Cat  (Oolite) Staer9 shipset (4).jpg
Staer9 shipset (5).jpg Staer9 shipset (6).jpg Staer9 shipset (7).jpg Staer9 shipset (8).jpg
Staer9 shipset (9).jpg Staer9 shipset (10).jpg Staer9 shipset (11).jpg Staer9 shipset (12).jpg
Staer9 shipset (13).jpg Staer9 shipset (14).jpg

Version 1.3.2

  • Included and rebalanced Keeper's roles to correctly work with Oolite 1.82. -spara-
  • Cleaned shipdata. -spara-
  • Removed player versions of Cat and Iguana as Oolite 1.82 doesn't support multiple player lasers. -spara-
  • Removed Ophidian in favor to Griff's version. -spara-
  • Ghavial's model changed to Norby's tweaked model. -spara-
  • Added the oxp to the expansion manager. -spara-

Version 1.2

  • Changed shader. The previous shader did not react to sunlight colour/intensity for some reason, so it now uses a modified Griff shader. This is most noticeable when using Distant Suns OXP and Oolite 1.79.
  • On systems without shaders, some ships previously did not have their lights applied. Now they do.
  • On systems without shaders, the Monitor II previously used the same texture as the regular Monitor. Now it loads the specific Monitor II texture.
  • Ships constructed with subentities (e.g. for engines) now are set "frangible = no" so they don't break apart when shot at.
  • Bushmaster Miner and Sidewinder Special no longer have witchdrives (they weren't supposed to!).
  • Fixed in-flight views for the Salamander, thanks to Tichy. Still need to update in-flight views of several others, though.
  • Slight change to Ghavial textures, outlining the coloured "G" and making it less smoothly coloured.

Version 1.1

Version 1.1 is an update made by Keeper with Staer9's blessing:

  • Features new specular maps, specular values, and altered textures for all ships.
  • Uses ahruman's shaders for random colour schemes, engine and weapon glows, and hull lights.
  • Some other alterations, e.g. size of exhaust reduced on some ships to keep them within the model.
  • Includes Staer9's fix for the Bushmaster's engines, and a fix for the Iguana's subentities.
  • Adds a Monitor II, with specs from the wiki.
  • Removes the Ophidian, as it is redundant now that Griff has released an Ophidian (albeit with different specs).

The ships now will react to light much better, looking shinier where need be. The main thing is the random colour schemes.


  • The in-flight views of player ships still need editing. These are the same issues that V1.0 had.
  • I haven't yet seen the Bushmaster in action (only on the spinner), so I can't guarantee its exhausts will look perfect yet.
  • The Cat's right gun model has inverted faces thus it does not display properly. Staer9 has designed an entirely new Cat that will make this issue moot once it's released.

NOTE: If your system doesn't support shaders, you may not want to bother with this version (other than the new Bushmaster engine model), as the colours that had been on the ships have been removed or greatly reduced in order for the random colouring to be applied by the shaders.


  • Models: Staer9, Griff
  • Diffuse Maps: Staer9, Griff
  • Normal Maps: Staer9
  • Specular Maps: Staer9
  • Illumination Maps: Griff
  • Coding: Staer9
  • Version 1.2: Keeper
  • Testers (who gave feedback): Fatleaf, Gimi, Jazhaz, Wildeblood, Ironfist, Duggan


Get the latest version from the in-game expansion manager.

Version 1.2 50MB

If you're playing with Oolite V1.79, also download this:


Old versions:

Version 1.1a

Version 1.0.5

Link to Oolite BBS thread with an upgrade to the Ship Roles for compatibility with Oolite 1.79+

New Blinking Lights version

From 2016:

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1.3.2 2014-08-30 CC-by-nc-sa Retextures OXPs Staer9 BB-Link