Griff ArcElite

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This OXP adds new versions of the native Oolite ships textured & shaded to resemble how they originally appeared in the Acorn Archimedes version of Elite.

Griff ArcElite screengrab.jpg

name* denotes player flyable craft

Contains the following Archimedes Elite ships:
asteroid, coriolis-station, dodecahedron-station, icosahedron-station
adder*, anaconda*, asp mk2*, boa mk2*, bushmaster, caiman, cobra mk1*, cobra mk3*, copperhead, ferdelance*, gecko, krait, mamba, moccasin*, moray*, python*, racer*, shuttle, sidewinder, thargoid, tharglet, transporter, urutu, viper, worm

Also includes these alternate ship versions from the 8-bit Elites:

  • Elite 2 ships: bug*, cat (aka cougar), delta, drake*, gnat, griffin mk1*, griffin mk2*
  • Elite arcelite eliteA ships: bushmaster*, chameleon*, ghavial*, iguana*, monitor*, ophidian*, salamander*, shuttle


  • Griff_ArcElite OXP -Original 2008 version - a bit buggy
  • Griff_ArcElite V2 OXP - Updated 2013 version, adds some extra ships from Elite 'A', Elite2 and BBC\C64 Elite
This second zip files contains some 5 different .oxp's:
  • arcelite.oxp
  • arcelite_eliteA_ships.oxp
  • arcelite_elite2_ships.oxp
  • arcelite_alternative_stations_asteroids.oxp
  • start_ship_is_arcelite_cobra3.oxp

Bug reports and balanced ship prices/stats for the extra ships are welcome!! :)