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It does what it says. This OXP allows you to resell all original equipment--and some more--in stations with the same Tech Level necessary to buy the equipment.


Just go to the station's equipment department. Together with equipment items you don't yet have there will be the possibility to sell those items you have. Selling equipment costs a small fee, and don't expect to get all your money back. The resell value is generally 60 per cent of the original recommended retail price.

Anyway, if you're in dire need for some cash, selling some of your equipment can be a less dangerous alternative to taking out a loan with the notorious Black Monks. When you got some money again, you can easily replace whatever you have sold with a brand new item.

Note that some equipment is not affected by this OXP. For reselling missiles and other stuff mounted outside the ship there has always been the missile removal. And similarly there was always the passenger berth removal. Main weapons like lasers and twin plasma cannons cannot be removed by selling them, because they are handled differently by the engine.

Minimum Requirements

Sell Equipment OXP requires at least Oolite 1.73.

Download Location

Sell_Equipment_1.5.oxz (downloaded 913 times).

In the old OXP format Sell_equipment.oxp v 1.5 is available for download via


Move or copy the file sell_equipment1.5.oxp from the main folder to the AddOns folder inside the Oolite main folder. Make sure to remove any previous versions of the OXP. Restart Oolite.


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