Marett Space Corporation OXP

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Introducing the Mosquito Trader and other crafts from The Marett Space Corporation.

This oxp introduces 3 new crafts to the Ooniverse. The Mosquito Trader which is a good upgrade from a Cobra III, the smaller Mosquito Sport (available in Fire Orange or Striking Silver) which is great fun to fly and the very sexy Adder Mk II.

Ships in this OXP

Adder MkII sm.png
Adder Mk II
Mosquito Trader sm.png
Mosquito Trader
Mosquito Sport sm.png
Mosquito Sport


You can download this OXP here. Alternate download link on oosat2 here.

Ramon Security Ltd

Added by The Assassins Guild OXP

Mongoose Light Fighter
Scorpion Class Frigate
Daemon Class Cruiser

A sub-division of Marett Space Corp., this branch of the corporation specialises in building custom ships specifically to order for wealthy clients. Whilst the ships produced by the parent company are widely seen in the space lanes, Ramon Security builds very powerful military ships. As befits a private enterprise, Ramon Security asks no questions as to the purpose their craft will ultimately be used, one life-form’s Credits being as good as another's.

In order to provide security for the Zarausxeian Zero-G Hockey Team, the company recently out-fitted the team with an Armoured Passenger Liner. Taking a Python, the ship was heavily modified, stripping out the cargo bay in order to install an armour-plated outer hull. A large squadron of Nemesis Class Fighters provide escorts for the liner.

The company was also responsible for arming the Eszausveian Navy. Whilst the Mongoose was a lightly armed fighter, questions were asked in the GalCop Security Council over the decision to provide a dictatorship with the Scorpion Frigate and Daemon Class Cruiser. The Scorpion was fearsome enough, but the Daemon easily out-guns most GalCop Navy ships.