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Laser Cannons are developed from mining lasers. Consume very much energy and cause extreme heat, but a single shot deliver similar damage than a series of beam lasers.

Pilots tend to eject if facing against a cannon when a single energy bank is left only to prevent a fatal next hit.

Usually short ranged and has low fire rates (0.5 - 3 seconds/shot) so must aim carefully.

Cannons usually fit into ships over 130t only like a Cobra Mark III, except:

Always check the distance of your target! Don't waste a shot when over the range of your cannon!

All cannons can break apart asteroids as Mining lasers.

Name Minimal
Range Damage/s Damage
Energy Damage Delay Heat Tech Cost Color              
Small Cannons
Kruger CRM38 Mining Cannon 130 5 33 2 700 10 100 3 50 5 500 Light Blue
Ingram 3838C8 Mini Cannon 30 5 60 3 (S) 960 10 60 1 20 6 1000 Light Red
Hassoni C38 Dual Cannon 130 5 120 3 780 10 60 0.5 20 7 2000 Light Red
Military Cannons
Lance & Ferman Military Cannon 130 10 100 3 (S) 900 7 75 0.75 25 8 8000 Light Magenta
LF38 Twin Military Cannon 400 10 200 1.5 (S) 600 14 150 0.75 100 8 10000 White
Ergon A38 Blunderbuss Cannon 130 5 133 3 1100 5 100 0.75 33 10 12000 Light Green
Volt V38 Vulcan Cannon 250 15 120 6 (S) 1860 5 60 0.5 10 12 24000 Light Cyan
Special Cannons
JK-38 Mini Plasma Ray 30 2 80 * 4 1240 0 40 0.5 10 12 25000 Orange
ColtMaster CM-38 Plasma Web 250 1 80 ** 5 1760 -20 80 1 16 12 30000 Light Orange
JK-V38 Plasma Ray 130 6 80 * 4 (S) 1240 0 40 0.5 10 12 40000 Orange
Artillery Cannons
Kruger Artillery Cannon 130 20 67 5 (S) 1950 5 50 0.75 10 12 50000 Blue
Kruger Twin Artillery Cannon 400 20 133 5 (S) 1500 10 100 0.75 20 12 100000 Light Blue
Kruger Battle Artillery Cannon 800 20 133 5 1600 20 200 1.5 40 12 110000 White
JK Plasma Artillery Cannon 800 8 80 * 8 4000 0 40 0.5 5 12 120000 Orange
Big Cannons
Ergon Behemoth Cannon 8000 5 200 5 1500 15 300 1.5 60 12 150000 Light Green
ColtMaster Behemoth Plasma Web 8000 4 160 ** 8 2400 -20 80 0.5 10 12 160000 Light Orange
Lance & Ferman Base Cannon 200000 10 300 5 1500 15 300 1 60 12 200000 Light Magenta
Kruger Base Artillery Cannon 200000 20 300 6 1500 15 150 0.5 25 12 220000 Light Blue
Standard lasers
(for comparsion)
Range Damage/s Damage
Energy Damage Delay Heat Tech Cost Color
Pulse Laser 0 12.5 30 2.14 (S) 810 0.8 15 0.5 7 4 400 Red
Beam Laser 0 15 60 1.88 (S) 480 0.5 6 0.1 3.2 5 1000 Yellow
Military Laser 0 30 120 2.82 (S) 700 1.1 12 0.1 4.25 11 6000 Magenta
Mining Laser 0 12.5 20 5 Infinite 1.4 50 2.5 10 11 800 Blue
* Plasma weapons has some chance to make critical damage which force the pilot to eject.
** Plasma Web has 4 times more chance than Plasma Ray to make critical damage.
(S) Could heat up slower with Separated Lasers.

Originally discussed in the New lasers topic. There is another comparsion table of New lasers also.

Small Cannons

Kruger CRM38 Mining Cannon

The cheapest laser cannon ever made. Ideal for mineral extraction with single shots from point-blank range (5km) due to deliver double damage than the common Mining Laser. Too slow to use in combat and not so cooled for this cost.

Ingram 3838C8 Mini Cannon

Short range (5km) laser cannon both for mining and defence. Perform similarly with a Beam Laser but make less heat and can mine asteroids also. Due to the mini size fit into small ships also (escorts over 30t).

Hassoni C38 Dual Cannon

Two Mini Cannons in alternation mode result double firing rate, as fast as a Pulse Laser but hit 4x harder. The range is short (5km), need a lot of energy and the heat is going up fast but perform well in dogfight due to the large damage - can do the double than a Beam Laser in each seconds.

Military Cannons

Lance & Ferman Military Cannon

You can make your career as a famous bounty hunter with this weapon - one shot clear more than a full energy bank! Provide longer range (10km) and use less energy than a Dual Cannon but heat up faster than the more costly cannons. Can mine asteroids in short time.

LF38 Twin Military Cannon

The biggest laser cannon both in damage, range (10km) and power consumption, as predictable from two Military Cannons linked to fire together. Aim carefully and run when a white beam incoming. Provide easy mining from large asteroids but the size of the heatsink is reduced in this type so overheats after a few shots. Need at least an Anaconda (>400t mass) to hold it.

Ergon A38 Blunderbuss Cannon

Powerful laser contain quad Mining Cannons for higher fire rate. Short ranged (5km) but as fast and strong as a Military Cannon, moreover use less energy to get an exceptional combat performance. Better in dogfight than the well known Military Laser.

Volt V38 Vulcan Cannon

This fearsome weapon is the longer and energy saver variant of the Dual Cannon to get high fire rate and range (15km) in cannons, although a shot do less damage than a Military Cannon. Produce one of the best damage/heat in the Ooniverse but the large cooling system fit into Pythons (>250t) only.

Special Cannons

JK-38 Mini Plasma Ray

The hot plasma sometimes pierce through the whole hull, causing critical damages either in life support, ship controls or reactor coolers which forcing the pilot to eject, leaving a good loot or a bomb in the derelict ship. Use next to the target: range is 2km only. Does not consume energy because recycle plasma smoke from engines. Good in mining also.

ColtMaster CM-38 Plasma Web

Plasma in web form has double charge capacity so damage is doubled but recharge time also and range is halved (1km). Regenerates some energy(!) at each shot, in side mount usable as an emergency energy generator. Well cooled but only a Python can hold it (>250t). Do critical damages much more often than a Plasma Ray, but against you too! Don't be surprised if an orange beam auto-eject you, stay far for sure.

JK-V38 Plasma Ray

A crazy scientist once filled plasma into a Vulcan Cannon and successfully earned 6km range in this way. Cobra Mark III owners aready wanted a single barrel version of Vulcan to fit into his ships and this discovery was a good reason to release a weaker, humanitarian version of Vulcan which fire plasma shots. Cause critical damages as often as a Mini Plasma Ray.

Artillery Cannons

Kruger Artillery Cannon

As the name predict Kruger company aim the longest range regardless of compromises in heat, energy and cost. The winner of this competition is quad Mining Cannons with much longer barrel in alternating mode to increase fire rate to combat level. Damage is smaller due to must focus in long range. Well cooled, has 20km range and enough fearsome to the target use his Escape Pod when his energy is low.

Kruger Twin Artillery Cannon

Anaconda owners wanted to benefit from the larger capacity of his oversized ships so bought two Artillery Cannons and more heatsinks to fire at once - the Twin Artillery Cannon was born. New pilots asks why this weapon is exist at all due to similar lasers are much cheaper: the answer is only cannons are enough fearsome to pilots ejects often.

Kruger Battle Artillery Cannon

Since much larger ships are in production than Anaconda, for example Carriers, Kirin, Maelstrom or Serpent Class Cruiser, some guys in these was enough brave to put much more coolers around a Twin Artillery Cannon to the 8 barrels be reconfigurable to fire together. Shot down almost anything within seconds, even a Thargoid Warship need 4 hits only (5 seconds). Fit into ships with at least 800t mass.

JK Plasma Artillery Cannon

Thanks to the long artillery barrels the range of this plasma cannon is extended to 8km. Does not need energy and cause critical damages as often as a Plasma Ray but produce much less heat so can fire continually much longer. Need a ship with at least 800t mass like Carriers, Kirin, Maelstrom or Serpent Class Cruiser.

Big Cannons

Ergon Behemoth Cannon

The Navy is ordered an improved Blunderbuss with 50% more barrels to get enough firepower to shot down Thargoid Warships with two shots. Need a ship over 8.000t like Behemoth or BigShips. Range is 5km only, but fire two times faster than a Battle Artillery Cannon so much more effective in dogfight.

ColtMaster Behemoth Plasma Web

This cannon load hot plasma in web form into twin artillery barrels to get longer range (4km), lower heat and double fire rate than a Plasma Web, which mean double energy regeneration in each seconds also. The best weapon to kick out pilots from any ships in Escape Pods and also better in caused damage/seconds than any other cannons below behemoths. Need a ship over 8.000t (Behemoth or BigShips).

Lance & Ferman Base Cannon

Need a station-sized ship over 200.000t like Andromeda or Liners, has the same range than Military Cannons (10km) and the more barrel configured to fire faster than Behemoth Cannon which give the highest existing damage/seconds. Combined with a good cooling system and high damage to shot down Thargoid Warships with 3 shots, the result is the most dangerous cannon. Awesome.

Kruger Base Artillery Cannon

Bundled 6 Artillery Cannons together to get the same high range (20km) but much more damage and fire rate. Improved further to require less energy and produce a bit less heat. A Thargoid Warship need 5 hits but definitely the best long range cannon. The cost is the exceptional size which need a ship over 200.000t like Andromeda or Liners.


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2017.10.31. v1.12 Typo fix in the damage of Military Cannon, thanks to Damocles Edge.
2016.03.06. v1.11 Twin Artillery Cannon heat is halved so dmg/heat is increased from 2.5 to 5.
                  Plasma Ray and Web has much less chance against larger ships to force an eject.
                  Far Arm Titan got a Kruger Battle Artillery Cannon.
2016.01.25. v1.9  Halved damage, delay, energy and heat of Military and Battle Cannons.
                  Doubled heat of Twin Artillery, Behemoth and Base Cannons.
                  Damages of Behemoth and Base Cannons are reduced a bit.
                  Many BigShips are equipped with laser cannons (22 ship types).
                  Plasma weapons report when you placed an almost critical hit.
                  Plasma Vulcan Cannon renamed to Plasma Ray.
                  Support made for Separated Lasers OXP.
2015.07.03. v1.8  Militay Cannons do 25% less damage and has lower techlevel.
                  Mini Plasma Cannon renamed to Mini Plasma Ray.
                  Mini Cannon and Mini Plasma Ray need a ship over 30t.
                  NPC Mambas and Morays with Mini Cannons added, Geckos removed.
2015.06.27. v1.7  Behemoth cannons for ships over 8000t like Behemoth or BigShips.
                  Base cannons for ships over 200000t like Andromeda or Liners.
                  Plasma Artillery Cannon added for ships over 800t like Carriers.
                  Battle Artillery Cannon heat increased, cost reduced.
                  Plasma weapons are improved: more damage, less energy and heat.
                  Plasma Ray is renamed to Mini Plasma Cannon and fit into escort ships.
                  Ranges of Plasma Cannons are improved, Plasma Web is halved.
                  Dual Cannon color matched to Mini Cannon (light red).
2015.06.24. v1.6  Plasma Vulcan, Artillery Cannons and Battle Cannon added.
                  Plasma Web is cheaper, fit into a Python and more likely force to eject.
                  Adjusted the heat of Plasma Ray and Twin Military Cannon.
2015.06.22. v1.5  Plasma Ray and Plasma Web added.
                  Enemy ejects when a cannon decrease his energy into the last bank.
                  NPCs with cannons added.
2015.06.20. v1.4  Mini Cannon fit into small ships.
                  Lower prices for Twin Military Cannon and Blunderbuss.
                  Max. required techlevel is 12, now Zaonce introduce the full list.
2015.06.18. v1.3  Mining cannon toned down, Blunderbuss toned up.
2015.06.18. v1.2  Refined stats for better fire rates but smaller damages.
                  Name and description changes to follow data changes.
2015.06.17. v1.1  Blunderbuss and Vulcan added.
                  Reduced energy usage of Military Cannons to normal level.
2015.06.15. v1.0  First release.

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