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A small (5kb) OXP by Thargoid and Eric Walch. Whilst it does not add any ships of its own to Oolite, it creates the new role of "bigTrader" which other designers of large trader ships may wish to make use of. A populator script is included to add ships of such role to the game, plus an AI is offered which can be used to control those ships and prevent them trying to dock with or launch from the main station.

It is envisioned that makers of such OXPs should include the zip file of this OXP within their own packaging, with a note in the readme that it is a required OXP and should also be installed. Our aim is to prevent too many system populator scripts adding new and large ships to the space lanes, and so making them unbalanced and overcrowded. By using the new "bigTrader" role in place of "trader" any such ship will be selected from the available pool by the common populator in this OXP, and so avoid duplication

OXPs using bigTrader role

ADCK's Bulk Haulers Bulkhauler.jpg
Andromeda Andromeda3.png
Aquatics: Man O' War, HammerHead, Hawksbill ManOWar sm.png Aquatics hammerHead.png Hawksbill sm.png
Baakili Far Trader Z Baakili.png
BuoyRepair: Guanako Guan.png
Condor Condor sm.png
Constitution Class Heavy Cruiser Constitution Class Heavy Cruiser.png
Deep Space Dredgers SpaceDredger.png
Liners: Aurora, Emerald, Tigershark, Saga Aurora-liner3.png Emerald-liner2.png Tigershark2 1024.jpg Pandoo-liner.png
Orisis Orisis.jpg
Star Destroyer StarDestroyer1.4.png
Woma Fuel Transport (big variant) Oolite-woma.png


This OXP requires at least test version 1.72 of Oolite.