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Boring but VITAL! LogEvents records expanded detail of what happened in your latest game to help track down problems!

This oxp puts more information into your latest.log while you are playing the game. This means that if something goes wrong, there is more information to sort it out for the future!


This script catch all available handlers and write into the Logs/Latest.log to help developing, or to review a battle, or find out why the police attacking you suddenly.

Originally made to log all laser hits earned in the built-in mini game in the HUDRequests OXP, but separated due to it is useful to everybody, while usually realize it after something happened.

An example output:

23:52:45.171 [LogEvents] GlobalLog (OOJSGlobal.m:256): Player attacked by Thargoid Warship 31748 95+41 shield and 241 energy left

23:52:45.171 [LogEvents] GlobalLog (OOJSGlobal.m:256): Player taking shield damage from Thargoid Warship 31748 82+41 shield and 241 energy left

23:52:45.603 [LogEvents] GlobalLog (OOJSGlobal.m:256): Player attacked Thargoid Warship 31748 who has 6 energy

23:52:46.108 [LogEvents] GlobalLog (OOJSGlobal.m:256): Player lost lock on Thargoid Warship 31748

23:52:46.109 [LogEvents] GlobalLog (OOJSGlobal.m:256): Player target Thargoid Warship 31748 is destroyed

23:52:46.109 [LogEvents] GlobalLog (OOJSGlobal.m:256): Player got message from Thargoid Warship 31748 : Eat yak, food blenders!

23:52:46.109 [LogEvents] GlobalLog (OOJSGlobal.m:256): Player killed Thargoid Warship 31748 with energy damage

23:52:46.235 [LogEvents] GlobalLog (OOJSGlobal.m:256): Wreckage 9948 spawned at 1 km


Oolite v1.77 or later.


Unzip the file, and then move the folder named ".oxp" into the AddOns directory of your Oolite installation. Hold down the Shift key when you start the game first time until the splash screen appear.


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License version 3.0. If you are re-using any piece of this OXP, please let me know by sending an e-mail to norbylite at gmail.com.


2018.07.27. v1.4 - Added a new event for Oolite 1.87.
                   Removed Player word from each message to reduce log size.
                   A minor fix in systemInformationChanged by cag.
2018.01.29. v1.3 - Added new events of Oolite 1.86. Minor fixes by cag.
2017.06.24. v1.2 - Better log of targets without name like moons, thanks to cag.
2017.03.13. v1.1 - Updated with new events which are added into the game meantime.
2013.06.04. v1.0 - First release.

Download v1.4 here (downloaded 0 times).

Download v1.3 here (downloaded 214 times).

Download old v1.2 here (downloaded 1138 times).

Download old v1.1 here (downloaded 669 times).

Download old v1.0 here (downloaded 6943 times).

Quick Facts

Version Released License Features Category Author(s) Feedback
1.4 2018-07-27 CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 write all events into Latest.log Misc OXPs Norby BB-Link