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Dragon FB-103 Assault Craft
Dragon in flight.png
Size (W×H×L) 100m×16m×91m
Cargo capacity unknown
Cargo bay extension unknown
Maximum speed Classified
Manoeuvrability Roll: 2.0
Pitch: 1.0
Yaw: 1.0
Energy banks 4
Energy recharge rate


Gun mounts Fore, Aft
Missile slots 8
Shield boosters available Yes
Military shields available Yes
Hyperspace capable Yes
OXP or standard N/A
Available to player No
Base price N/A


The Dragon was originally designed by Pteradyne Technologies, Inc., Aerospace Division for the Galactic Navy to serve in a niche role, somewhere between heavy strike fighter and light bomber, and as close-cover escort for heavy bombers and logistics details.

However, due to more and more high performance attack craft and military grade kit being released on the civilian market and landing in the hands of aggressive outlaws, Pteradyne licenced Sirrane Starworks of Tionisla to begin limited production of a civilian version marketed to the bounty hunter community, to be sold only with proper background checks.

Nonetheless, a few Dragons have been reported stolen off the showroom floors. (Not to mention dealers that may be a little crooked and got paid extra to let the ships go sans security checks.)

Though lacking the armor, enhanced performance, and exclusive military technology of the Naval version, the civilian models are reliable, rugged, and formidable ships, and with a skilled crew, is able to survive duels in the most lawless of anarchy systems.

Noteable Features

The Dragon comes with an accuracy tuned forward Military Laser as the standard weapon. Some models are equipped with automatic, defensive plasma turrets (Dragon 1.72.oxp). As a strike oriented fighter-bomber and heavy escort by design, it carries a large payload of missiles; some models up to 8, others being more heavily armed with 12.

It should be noted that the heavily armed models compromise for the additional firepower with reduced cargo space.

Available models

Dragon FB-103 Assault Craft - The Military Version

The original Dragon, the FB-103 Assault Craft, is no longer seen in the 8 galaxies.

Dragon AN - The Classic

This is a nod to the original Dragon, specced to appeal to cargo jockeys. Kitted with an upgradeable 20 TC cargo space, an empty aft gun mount and an 8 round missile launcher, the Dragon AN is a superb upgrade from the Cobra Mk 3. Traders, hunters, and pirates are seen flying the Dragon AN.

Dragon SE - The Tailgater Hater

This speedy model replaces the aft gun mount with a powerful aft plasma turret, and upgrades the engines, but loses the ability to upgrade the cargo bay as a trade-off. It's excellent as a blockade runner and/or sensitive cargo courier. Flown by traders, hunters, pirates, couriers, and escort pilots.

Dragon M - The Centurion

As the designation suggests, this model is built to appeal to the career killers, the mercenaries and the bounty hunters. A thoroughbred brawler, the Dragon M loads up to 12 missiles and adds top and bottom turrets, but downsizes cargo capacity to 15 TC. Not suited for milk-run trading, the Dragon M is piloted by career bounty hunters, no-compromise mercenaries, pirates, and freelance escort pilots.

Controversy & historical points

  • While details are unclear and wrapped in mystery, Pteradyne Technologies, Inc. was served a lawsuit by Faulcon de Lacy days after the Dragon was marketed, which was suddenly dropped, no explanation given. Conspirists have suggested that FdL wanted the Dragon off the market, but this theory has been dismissed by FdL spokesbeings.
  • The Ambassador from Achenar was found dead aboard the battered wreck of his shot up Imperial Courier, drifting some distance from the Lave Witchspace beacon. Video from the recovered gun camera shows a Dragon M with pirate markings firing on the Courier.
  • Over one-third of the membership of the notorious pirate gang and slavers Harbingers Of Doom was wiped out. Virtually all bounties on the destroyed pirate craft were paid to a Dragon pilot, bounty hunter Derik Roh'i. Police no longer consider the Harbingers as a significant threat.
  • A Naval assault on a Thargoid staging area in deep space near Orrora is on record as a smashing success. The Naval strike force included a wing of FB-103s, the Naval version of the Dragon.

External references


  • Pteradyne Tech, Weapons Division highly recommends the Military Missile, an enhanced hardened missile
  • Download Dragon 1.72.2.oxp Brand spankin' new version created for Oolite 1.72+. Obsoletes older versions of Dragon.OXP, works correctly only on Oolite 1.72+. Contains the three ships described above: Dragon AN, the Classic; Dragon SE, with aft turret; and Dragon M, with aft, top and bottom turrets. Includes an earlier version of Milhud. Go grab MilHUDv3 for Oolite 1.73+.