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The Roh'i family are unique among the Lizard species. While the root genetics are distinctly Tionislan, the Roh'i are mutants, whether natural or artificially induced is lost in time. This family of dracolids are high metabolism, endothermic carnivores, surpassing humans in physical size, strength and endurance. Most surviving Roh'i are hybrids, as their mutation allows crossbreeding with other Lizard genomes.

Once homesteaded on Tionisla, but since the Exodus, (see Drew Wagar's Oolite Saga) occupies several large habitat stations scattered in Chart 2, from which they operate Roh'i Enterprises, a trading and mining corporation.

Let's have a look at some of these notable Lizards.

Name: Derik "Wyvern" Roh'i.

Gender: Male

Age: 57 Gal-standard years.

Marital status: Married; spouse is Esei ur Nelp-Rohi. This is more a spiritual relationship, and one of mutual emotional benefit to both parties. Offspring is two children and one fosterling, more on that later.

Personal sidearms: Lance&Ferman Widowmaker Mk4 handblaster with ironwood grips. An older model plasma-discharge energy weapon, heavily modified, predating modern lightweight laser based energy sidearms. The plasma bolt is devastating to unarmored flesh, yet produces little damage to droids and cyborgs. Neither does it penetrate spaceship hulls, it's significant advantage. (No longer carried. The core burned out, rendering the weapon a useless museum piece.)

Zeimann Arms Lancer Compact, model P Laser Pistol.
Browning Warhammer Mk2 Force Pistol.
A large single-bladed war axe, of obvious feudal world design, make unknown.

Occupations: Bounty hunter, instructor of advanced combat tactics for the Bounty Hunter Guild. Semi-retired.

Combat rating: Elite

Derik Roh'i, famous bounty hunter (retired), currently a combat instructor for the Guild

Hatched the third eldest of three brothers and two sisters, to Tael Roh'i, father, and Irrae Path-Roh'i, mother. The family Boa was destroyed by a pirate gang, taking Tael, Irrae, and a younger brother with it.

Derik was engaged in his own trading ventures when he heard the news. Immediately, he set about equipping his battered, used Cobra 3, with revenge burning in his soul. Thus began Derik's career as a ruthless slayer of pirates. A bounty hunter.

In a daring and brutal one Lizard assault on a slaver base with a heart full of rage and a heavy rotorgun, Derik ruthlessly mowed down most of the gang of criminals, ending in a blaster duel with the slaver boss, a disgusting, bloated, sadistic bastard of a toad. Derik lost an eye when shot in the face, but killed the monster by driving a dagger through his skull. This heroic action rescued Raminia DeFloreza, a spunky leonic that proved to be a quite talented technician; Derik later adopted her.

Getting involved in the test pilot program of Pteradyne Tech. Inc. was of no small consequence; though the work of flying unproven prototype spacecraft was risky, the pay was good, and cemented Derik's career path. The Cobra could win some furballs, but it was by no means a dedicated combat thoroughbred, and Roh'i was seeking a deadly combat craft.

This eventually led to test piloting the Kirin prototype in the employ of Udian Shulth, which in turn led to the Thargoid invasion of Tibecea system, and a turning point in Derik's life. Roh'i is noted as one of the heroes of that battle, that saved several platoons of space marines from the doomed station, but losing the Dragon class heavy fighter Lady Tiomat to theft. The Kirin prototype, dubbed Therenback, was donated to the GalCop History Museum at Lave.

Derik commanded the Caduceus Omega Persistence Of Memory in the events leading up to the Exodus. Esei together with a large company of Roh'i and associates took over the Kirin "Therenback" and escaped through the wormhole during the battle.

Close family:

- Esei ur Nelp-Rohi: A member of the near extinct race of "space gypsies", this reptilian centaurid, as Derik's wife, is the one of the few who would dare challenge his judgment. A wise, gentle and caring soul, she is well loved among the Roh'i. Any insult or threat to Esei will be quickly challenged. Esei is generally nonviolent, however, can be a fearsomely effective melee fighter if threatened. She is noted for having skills as a brewer and chef.

- Raminia DeFloreza: Foster daughter, Aged 29. felinid, homeworld unknown. A rescued former slave, emotionally scarred and suffers nightmares from her ordeal at the hands of ruthless slavers. No known surviving family. Noted to be an extremely talented technician and mechanic, a talent that's gently encouraged by Derik, whom she looks to as a foster father. Sometimes blunt to the point of rudeness, and slow to trust. Derik has tried to find Raminia's surviving family, if any; so far to no avail.

- Thi'ena: Daughter, Aged 25. Deadly. Acting chair of Roh'i Enterprises, Thi'ena flies a modified Mussurana. Known to travel with an artificially sentient cyborg pet, which serves as her companion and personal computer. Typical of the Roh'i, Thi'ena will stand her ground when attacked, responding with a ferocity that belies her soft spoken and outwardly gentle nature. Considered attractive to some humans, which she doesn't understand and annoys her greatly.

Thi'ena Roh'i, Chair of Roh'i Enterprises

- Pash'kal: Son, Aged 24. Dangerous. Vain and brash, prone to bouts of public drunkeness, Pash'kal can be mistaken for a hotshot fighter jock. Flies a modified Cobra Rapier, fitted with a beam laser and dual Guass cannons (kinetic weapons) on the forward mount. Often employed as a Watchdog at mining operations, Pash'kal uses ambush tactics, striking down oppertunistic bandits from the sensor shadows of the big rocks. "Bark bark, mothafraker! I told you to leave, now yer gonna get bit!"

Pash'kal Roh'i, freelance Watchdog pilot

- Ath'aenah: Aged 134. Elite. One of the few in the family to invest in rejuv treatments, Ath'aenah is one of the oldest surviving Roh'i. Considered a grand aunt. Former trader, turned vigilante, she actively goes after criminals with the intent to humiliate, insulting and demeaning them over comms, before striking the killing blow. Flies a well kitted Raptor VHF, constantly adapts her tactics to unbalance her opponents. Known to fly with her cabin depressurized, with her flight suit tied into the ship's life support. Known to use psychological warfare as much as her weapons. Personal sidearm is a custom replica Colt/Browning .45 caliber pistol. "Kinetic weapons may be heavy, loud, and archaic, but by no means less effective, and often more reliable than hand lasers."

Ath'aenah Roh'i, vigilante specializing in gifting criminals a humiliating defeat

Caduceus docking
Military Missile G1
Milspec HUD


When not killing pirates for fun and profit, Wyvern hangs around the forums and makes stuff. Some stuff he has created or collaborated on:


  • Caduceus - Übership (NeoCaduceus is on the Expansions Manager)
  • Dragon - Übership (on the Expansions Manager)
  • Kirin - Übership which comes with Oofiction! (on the Expansions Manager)
  • Kirin Sport - smaller and more agile, but civilian (also on the Expansions Manager))
  • Phoenix is a strange ship, built from salvaged parts of various Serpent Class ships
  • Raptors - Bounty Hunter Guild fighters
  • Vendetta is a heavy attack fighter with bounty hunters in mind
  • Xarik Spaceplane - See interview at Xarik.


  • AMS with decoys a new Anti-Missile System which acts automatically and produces anti-hardhead darts which broadcast Thargoid identity signals!
  • Automatic Chaff System provides an enhanced chaff-based missile countermeasure system (now part of the Missiles and Bombs OXZ on the Expansions Manager)
  • Boomstick Missile: the "flying buckshot shell" for dogfights
  • Military Missile adds two enhanced hardheads, seeks priority targets when ECM'd (on the Expansions Manager)
  • Missile Spoof is an ECM system that employs flares to deter hardened missiles


  • MilHUD (Military Specification HUD) has been a very popular HUD with targeting aids and an emphasis on functionality (2007-11)


  • TAF Reset resets the Time Acceleration Factor (TAF) to 1.0 upon docking - now part of the TimeControl OXZ on the Expansions Manager)
  • Pteradyne Technologies: The Excalibur, a buyable combat ship and the Paladin, a military version


  • Cdr Wyvern wrote the following:
Rise of the Kirin (2009) by Wyvern with ClymAngus. The famous Tibecean incident.
Negotiations of failure (2010) on the Oolite BB by Wyvern. An Oolite short story.