Automatic Chaff System

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An enhanced chaff-based missile countermeasure system by Wyvern, based on Thargoid's AMS and Ramirez's Chaff Dispenser.

The system is available at Tech Level 12+ planets, for 2500 credits. Reloads are available from Tech Level 5+ planets for only 500 credits.

*Note: Missiles and Bombs contains Ramirez's updated chaff dispenser and is available through the in-game Expansions Manager.


  • Chaff packages are deployed from a reloadable 25-round magazine. Magazines are reloaded to full, with a cash refund on any unused ammo. Ammo load seems high, but you'll be glad of the extra if your ECM/ACS/Analyzer breaks.
  • A chaff ammo counter is visible on the manifest (F5-F5) screen, you also get a HUD message on launch and emergence from witchspace.
  • Smart Countermeasure Selection & Failsafe Modes: ACS is designed with failsafe features.
  • In normal operation, it triggers the ECM when standard and Military class missiles are detected, and deploys chaff for all other missiles and torpedoes.
  1. In case of the Analyzer being damaged, ACS uses both ECM and chaff for all hostile missiles.
  2. If out of chaff, ACS attempts to pop all missiles with the ECM.
  3. If ECM is damaged and ammo remains, ACS falls back to chaff for all hostile missiles.
  • Panic Mode: When no countermeasure is available due to damage and/or empty magazine, ACS engages "Panic Mode", sending a warning to the Commander to use manual skills to shake the missile.

Required Equipment

To use this system you need to have installed the Missile Analyser, to determine whether to use chaff or ECM. An ECM system is also required for installation.

Useage Tips

  1. The Commander is strongly advised to never let his/her/it's manual missile evasion skills go to rust. Not only may you run out of chaff, but Murphy never sleeps, and this system is not 100% effective. YMMV.
  2. ACS is great for salvo-fired missiles. The more missiles in flight, the better the chances the chaff will stop them. However, chaff can affect your missiles too.
  3. The chaff is designed to lure missiles away from your ship. It works better at a distance, and may not distract missiles fired at point-blank ranges.
  4. ACS can operate as a stand-alone product, or as a backup or compliment to the AMS.

Version History

v1.2 Fixed for Oolite v1.74, released 21st June 2010.
Missile Spoof (ACS v2.0) for Oolite 1.75.x, released Jun 19, 2011