AMS with decoys

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Anti-missile system which also broadcasts Thargon identity signals!


Basically the Oolite Anti-Missile System - to be backwards compatible with VimanaHUD - but modified to launch Missile Spoof's decoys. But wait, there's more! The decoys also troll your foes with a bit of psychological warfare, sowing chaos and confusion into the battlesphere by broadcasting Thargon identity signals. BWHAHAHA!!

This is automatic, and acts of its own accord when a missile is fired. It does not need priming when used with VimanaHUD.

Minimum requirements

  • Oolite v.1.90
  • No dependencies, but is compatible with the Vimana HUD, registering the number of "Darts" on it.


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License version 3.0


Version 2.04 - April 2022

Download & Installation

After unzipping, move or copy "AMS_decoy_mod.oxz" into your AddOns or ManagedAddOns folder. Where they reside depends on your Oolite installation.


Gameplay and Balance Indicator


PROTIP: The decoys won't stop every incoming missile. If it fails, then the best countermeasure is a fuel injector, hint hint.