Missile Spoof

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Uses fuel to create flares which distract Hardheads.


The principles are the same as the Automatic Chaff System; fire the ECM and throw stuff overboard to deter missiles. That's where the similarity ends. Missile Spoof uses flares, which it makes with a fraction (.1 LY) of ship's fuel. As long as you have fuel, then you have white-hot flares to scatter. It uses the ECM if your tanks are dry, and both if you have fuel, so keep an eye on your fuel gauge!

Remember: No fuel = no flares = a far higher chance of getting clobbered by a Hardheaded missile or torpedo.

Naturally, this resolves ammo counters going wrong by eliminating the ammo counters. Also eliminates the need to buy specialized ammo magazines. :)

For the curious, being simpler also means being a little dumber: While it no longer requires the Missile Analyser, it chucks out flares - and nibbles a bit of fuel - each time a missile is fired your way, and no longer checks for missile type.

UPDATED: Now checks for standard missiles (the most common type used against the player) and doesn't drop flares if standards are detected; uses less fuel that way. Sell option added, full refund. joint ECM disabled - suggest using Auto-ECM instead.


  • 0) Download Missile Spoof
  • 1) Unzip & place Missile Spoof.oxp in your AddOns folder (see OXP for more details)
  • 2) Head for the nearest TL 8 or better station and spend 1000₢ for a Missile Spoof
  • 3) Have fun!