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Pteradyne Tech, Inc, brings you the Raptor series Bounty Hunter Guild fighters.

While sharing the same hull dimensions and core specs, and the unique Phased Array Particle Beam weapon system, each ship in the series differs in loadout and capability, making each suited for specialized roles.

Core specs

Recharge: 4 Roll: 2 Speed: 400 Cargo: 5

Preinstalled EQ, all models

Fuel Injectors Fuel Scoops Heat Shield STE ILS

The mk1: Medium fighter The highest agility, yet a modest loadout of a four round launcher and a 3-beam array. Fits well into the escort and interceptor roles. An excellent choice for the pack hunter and escort contractee. Energy banks: 4 Yaw/Pitch: 2.5 Thrust: 50

The mk2: Heavy fighter The mk2 loses some agility, yet ups the offensive ante with a 5 round launcher, and 5 beam PBW. Fitting neatly in the superiority fighter role, a good choice for the lone wolf hunter. Energy banks: 5 Yaw/Pitch: 2.3 Thrust: 48

The VHF: Very heavy fighter A premier assault fighter, this bruiser brings a 6 round launcher and a withering 7 beam array, but is the least agile of the series. Recommended for the solitary vigilante, or as a compliment in a group to bring down rogue freighters and capships. Energy banks: 6 Yaw/Pitch: 2.0 Thrust: 46

C the Oolite community, CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0

Download File:Oolite.oxp.Wyvern.Raptors.oxz