Udian Shulth

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Renowned bio-maniac from Teorge


Udian Foraga Shulth is the son of Mirias Shulth of Teorge, both of them notorious bio-maniacs. He designs weapons and ships, and is the focus of a number of disquieting rumours (eg sterilising over a dozen Thargoid-infected worlds).

Whilst several thousand books, personal testimonies, holo-recordings and overly sentimental documentaries have been penned as to the exploits of his father. Little is known about the formative years of Udian (most official records having been lost in the first great SHARD bio-purge). He does surface as a young adult embroiled in the new genesis war as something of an unlikely hero. Saving several sub-core trading systems from the gene-menace through the unlikely unification of celltec and nano-mechanics.

One of the few quotes directly attributable to Udian is also probably the most telling: "I don't build ships, I birth them. They are my children and like any good father I watch over them." Indeed most traders, pirates (who survive) or military personnel who happen to see a Caduceus, concur that there is something distinctly biological about its construction.

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