Boomstick Missile

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A dog-fighting missile: the "flying buckshot shell"!

Boomstick Missile
Name Boomstick Missile
Cost 750₢
TL Availability 5


As if there isn't enough ordinance to choose from!

The QPG-H88 Boomstick, the 'flying buckshot shell' is an ECM-proof missile produced by Pteradyne Technologies, Inc. for the Hunter's Guild, featuring a rapid closure rate, and features a fragmentary warhead. A nippy, accurate dogfighting missile developed alongside, and a great match for, the Raptors series fighters.

Detonation effects

Like most other missiles, the initial warhead blast inflicts shield damage. Immediately afterward, a spray of kinetic shrapnel inflicts additional damage to the target, sometimes causing catastrophic hull integrity failure. This is especially true if the target's shields were softened up first with a primary weapon barrage.

Minimum requirements

Oolite v.1.90 No dependencies.


Simply move or copy "Boomstick_Missile.oxz" into your AddOns or ManagedAddOns folder. Where they reside depends on your Oolite installation.


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Version 1.0 - April 2022

Version 1.2 - plist optimizations. Improved splodey effects.



Gameplay and Balance Indicator


Flight is more stable than the native hardened missile; it won't go crazy ivan, and has a greater chance of scoring a hit.