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This page collects the zillions of different varieties of missiles & bombs.

And see What is your favorite OXP missile? (2010) & Pylons (2011)
Also: How does a missile work? (2012)
  • The following OXPs contain large amounts of missiles & bombs (and are the main source of the list beneath):
Armoury by Thargoid
Maegil's Missiles by Cmdr. Maegil (old, 2007, still an oxp).
Missiles and Bombs also by Ramirez
On the other hand, the über-missiles & mines from the Killit OXP (Superweapon, MegaWeapon, UberWeapon etc) have been omitted as they were never intended for serious play - but rather to make a point about Cheating.
Vanilla game & 2 OXP icons
Vanilla game icons: regular Missile (yellow outline due to being selected), ECM-hardened missile & Quirium cascade bomb
OXP icons: Repair nanobots (Repair Bots oxp), Salvage missile (DS Dredger oxp)
Armoury.oxp missiles
Vanilla game icons (2 icons):
Normal Missile (selected, hence yellow outline) & ECM-hardened Missile
Armoury missiles (6 icons):
Tracker Missile, Displacer Missile, Kicker Missile, Cutpurse Missile, Field Missile & Probe Missile
Armoury Missile Racks (6 "triangle" icons):
Missile Rack (3 Std), Missile Rack (3, 2 & 1 Hard), Missile Rack (3 Stun), Interception Missile Rack (3)
Armoury.oxp bombs & Armoury.oxp Thargon Defence system
Vanilla Game Quirium Cascade Bomb
Armoury Bombs:
Buzz bomb & Bug bomb
Stun bomb & Uni bomb
Interdictor bomb
Screamer bomb
Void bomb
Decoy bomb
Captured Thargon Ship Defense System (pylon mounted)
Missiles & Bombs.oxp
Vanilla game icons (2)
ECM-hardened Missile
Missiles and Bombs .oxp icons (8)
Cascade Missile
Fragmentation Missile
Fragmentation Bomb
Lawmaker Missile
Interception Missile
Anti-Thargoid Missile
Override Missile
Radio Mine
Missiles and Bombs .oxp Defence Systems icons (2)
Defence Mine
Distress Beacon
Vanilla, Nexus, Far Arm & Military missile.oxp's
Vanilla Missiles (2): Missile & ECM-hardened Missile
Nexus Missiles (4): Nexus Bug-Off missile, Naval reject missile, Nexus missile, 'premium' version, 'ultimate' version
Far Arm (Manchi) Missiles: (3): Plasma Torpedo, SM1, Nova missile
Military Missiles (1): Military Missile
Equipment Icons
See Category:Equipment
Towbar (2): Towbar Stabiliser, TugDrone
Deep Space Dredger (1): Salvage Missile
Cargo Shepherd (1): Cargo Shepherd
  • List of OXPs which also affect missiles or bombs:
Remove Individual Pylon OXP allows you to swap one missile for another (without needing to sell everything you have - and then finding that the TL is too low to buy everything back)!
Guide to Accuracy OXPs
Missile Combat Reimagined totally rejigs missiles and also rejigs their susceptibility to ECM
APRIL - automated missile pylon reloader
Mine Safety Catch prevents premature release
Status Quo Q-bomb OXP‎‎ - Q-bombs act as they do in the Status Quo Oolite novel
Missile Analyser allows the analysis of incoming missiles to allow selection of an appropriate defence
Missile Booster gives fired missiles a speed boost (useful if flying large slow ships like a Python)
Missile Beep warns of incoming missiles
Missile Machine (from Armoury) manufactures the bally things from scratch!
Missiles modification two tweaks: ECM less effective & dying pilots take more time to launch a missile at you
Missile Tweak two tweaks: ECM less effective & prices altered
  • Defence against missiles
  • Vanilla game defences
Turn & run (reduced kinetic damage on impact)! Witch Fuel Injectors really help here!
Target incoming missile with laser - STE helps (...but you may well need an OXP such as SniperLock to succeed)
Target incoming missile with another missile
ECM (less useful against Hardheads, of course...)
  • OXP Defences
Anti-Missile System (AMS Darts) (from Armoury) - note that the Vimana HUD has an AMS dart counter
Chaff (from Missiles and Bombs)
Defence Mine (from Missiles and Bombs)
Missile Rack (from Armoury)
Missile Spoof - a flare-based distraction for Hardheads
Quirium Cascade Mine Detector - and Target System Plugins warn of the release of Cascade Mines to allow a fast escape!
Chupacabra HUD's custom missile display and missile ID feature
  • Knowing which missiles are which
Missile Analyser tells you about oncoming missiles
ChupacabraHUD lists your own on the viewscreen
Missile Summary lists your own on the F5 status screen
Missile (Faulcon de Lacy HM3 Homing Missile)
ECM Hardened Missile (Faulcon de Lacy ECM-hardened HMX5 homing missile: Hardheads)
Quirium Cascade Mine (Tyley-Feynman Quirium Cascade Mine)
Energy Bomb (Medusa Pandora Self-homing Energy Bomb) - discontinued, replaced by the Quirium Cascade Mine above

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