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From the Aquarian Shipbuilding Corporation ship equipment department, we introduce the Automated Pylon Re-arm In-flight Loader, AKA the APRIL system.

As its name suggests, this retrofittable technology allows storage and in-flight re-arming of extra pylon mounted weaponry and equipment. It is compatible with all current armaments except the Aquarian Missile Machine unit, which is automatically excluded from storage. It is also incompatible with the pylon-switching mechanism on Vortex and Maelstrom craft, on which it is based.

The standard system is available from tech level 12 systems for 40,000 credits. This doubles the fitted ship's pylon capacity via reloading. For an additional 25,000 credits, the system can be upgraded to a military specification, adding an additional bank of storage (overall tripling the capacity).

Note that this OXP also makes the APRIL system available to NPCs (at a 0.2 weighted role as a missile), inducing a full missile reload to their pylons. Just to maintain balance :)


After purchase, the current pylon load can be transferred into the system by selecting the appropriate option on the equipment (3/F3) screen (only available if there is at least one loaded pylon). Similar options are available to view and unload the system from the equipment screen.

When in-flight, the system will automatically reload the ship's pylons when empty if the last item used was a missile (note if the last launch was a mine the automatic reload is not triggered - this is a glitch in Oolite v1.76.x and should be resolved in Oolite v1.77 and beyond). Alternatively, a manual unload can be initiated at any time in flight by selecting the system (via the "shift-N" key) and then priming it (via the "n" key).

When in-flight, the system content can be viewed by selecting the status screen (5/F5) and then going to the marketplace screen (8/F8) from there. The content screen will display up to the first 20 items stored, for ships with an over-large number of pylons. It is not recommended to browse this screen in the middle of battle :)


Basic APRIL system

  • Tech Level - 12.
  • Cost - 40,000 credits.

Military Upgrade

  • Tech level - 13.
  • Cost - 25,000 credits.

Available to NPCs - yes (basic system only).


This OXP requires at least trunk version 1.76 of Oolite.


APRIL v1.03 can be downloaded from Box.Com by clicking on the link.