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More Missiles


This .oxp was written back in 2007. It introduces 5 new missiles and renames the older two.


...I'd like the "Faulcon de Lacy HM3" as the average missile , unmodified , with its aggressiveness representing 0.5 and available at most systems, but have other options of HM/Homing Missiles according to the system's tech level. (for HMs, I mean - there is the more exotic equipment from Ramirez's Missiles and Bombs OXP, which is quite different).

E.g.: a "Taranis EX5 MRSSM" missile with a state-of-the-art guidance system and high explosive yield would be available on the highest tech level systems, or crazy stuff such as a Benulobiweed Tailchaser 2.5 Guided Missile" with a maximum speed of 2.5LM and high aggressiveness but a pitch of only 1.5; the midranges should be variations on the basic HM3; and in crummy anarchies it shouldn't be possible to find but worthless crap (except, perhaps, on some seedy black markets - but then again, you should be able to find anything there). Cmdr Maegil (2007)

Homemade missile

TL: all; cost 10₢
Made in some backyard sweatshop, this crude but effective homing missile has the most basic guidance system.

Faulcon de Lacy HM3 homing missile

The standard Oolite missile TL: 2; cost 30₢
Fast and accurate when used in conjunction with standard targeting scanners.

Vega Tracker RHM

TL: 5; cost 50₢
Vega Corp's homing missile, fast and powerful. Targeting scanners recommended.

Vega Bloodhound XHM

TL: 9; cost 300₢
Vega Corp's ECM-hardened missile. Targeting scanners recommended.

Faulcon de Lacy HMX5 homing missile

TL:10; cost 350₢
Hardened against ECM

Benulobiweed Tailchaser Hardhat

TL: 12; cost 500₢
The first practicable result of Benulobiweed Inc.'s foray into weaponmaking is in this faaaasst ECM-hardened interceptor missile.


TL: 13; cost 500₢
Taranis Corp's Medium Range (ECM-)Hardened Ship-to-Ship Missile, packing a good punch and a better state-of-the-art guidance system than the FdL counterpart.


  • Maegil seems to have erred. He wrote "2" for the standard missile (FdL HM3) TL in his .oxp which in-game results in a TL of 3
  • This was written in 2007 and is in Legacy Scripting. This oxp was rescued from oblivion by LittleBear: see here. The vanilla game script had just been altered to allow oxp's to override missile definitions.


  • Author: Cmdr. Maegil
  • No details given (as usual in those days!)