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Risk-Based Economy makes dangerous systems more profitable, and safe systems less profitable. In general a trade route between two safe systems will be about half as profitable as a trade route between two dangerous systems with the same economies. "Multi-government" is used as the baseline for this, so this will make it a little more difficult to make money, especially in the early game. It is therefore not recommended for new players until they've got at least some of the basic equipment.

Additionally, the trade goods exported by Industrial systems have been re-priced slightly, and the levels of profit for some have been made less guaranteed. This is partly to leave some room for price increases in Feudal and Anarchy systems, and partly to make the decision over which Industrial good to buy slightly more interesting.

This OXP creates fluctuations in the commodity prices based on

i) piracy
ii) centrality of the economy to the galaxial system - ie systems at the edges have greater fluctuations in price
see Oolite planet list/Galaxy 1 for such an analysis of Galaxy 1.


Risk Based Economy 1.0 is the latest version. Install to your AddOns folder in the usual way.


  • This may not work well with other OXPs which change market prices (BlOomberg Markets should be fine, the others have not been tested yet).
  • Expect clashes with old versions Phkb's Risky Business which is similar in intent (see the list of Experimental OXP's). Compatibility with SW Economy & Real-Life Economics is unknown. The newest 2021 version of Risky Business incorporates Risk Based Economy and you can select if you wish one, or the other, or both to influence your economics.


Quick facts

Version Released License Features Category Author(s) Feedback
1.0 2013-05-10 CC-BY-SA 3.0 Price changes Mechanics OXPs cim BB-Link

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Trading in safe systems is less profitable.