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"Gravity compensators bucking like a Taargian Mule, enough atmospheric friction your hull could fry a Hoggian egg, and all for a chance to sift some quirium from a hydrogen stream. 'Ass draggin' a gas giant ain't for the weak-bladdered. And mining one?!? Leave that to the corporate 'wire-flies' if you know what's good for you. I worked on an 'Ass-Dragger' for a while. Why do you think I stay station-side now?!?" - Icosahedron Station Dock Worker in orbit of a gas giant


The Road to Riches or the Elevator to Hell

Skimming gas giants to refuel a ship or mining one for rare minerals is not an easy task. But it is one that some pilots utilize to reduce their fuel costs, and a lucky (or foolhardy) few fill their holds with compressed exotic gases and other rarities. Any ship with a fuel scoop can attempt to refuel from a gas giant planet. Just get low enough in orbit and be going fast enough, and you can skim the atmosphere for Quirium ions. Or if you want to try mining, equip yourself with the necessary gas compressors and refining equipment and do the same. Keep in mind, mining requires a lower orbit than refueling. Heh... If it was easy, everyone would do it...



Once the OXP is installed you can immediately start gas skimming. No extra equipment is required to the fuel scoop. The extra skimming possibility is provided by Deep Horizons Industries to all Fuel Scoop Manufacturers for low licensing costs (the scoop is a mass product after all).


Unknown, but should still work with older releases (2011). The License.txt states that v1.0.7 works with Oolite v1.75.


Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States license (Modified) This is the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States license as detailed at with the additional terms and conditions as found in the License.txt file in the OXP package. By installing the OXP you agree to these terms and conditions.


The latest version is always available on the Deep Horizons homepage


Founded on the planet Teriar in Galaxy 3 originally, Deep Horizon Industries started as a planet-side manufacturer of large-scale farming equipment. It later expanded into early environmental modification systems to be utilized on agricultural worlds to expand growth seasons. Throughout its 200 year history, DHI has constantly expanded its product and service offerings to its consumers. Now offering State-of-the-Art optical sensors, gas refining equipment, and its traditional farming equipment to name but a few, Deep Horizon Industries is now a pan-galactic company catering to a wide array of customer needs...

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