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Well I've gone as far as my limited mental capacity can take me.

  • The OXP contains nine unique cats atm but this will increase in proportion to inspiration.
  • It randomly adds a cat from a list of individual animals with a handy script from Commander McLane, each with their own names, descriptions and in some cases minor conditions such as player legal status requirements before they will appear for purchase.
  • Sometimes there are no cats for sale today.
  • Your cat/s won't appear for sale while you own him/them.

So far so good, it's not very ambitious but it all seems to work and you basically get a furry beer cooler with a name and history.

I intend to add more cats, names, descriptions and attempt to mix up some more variations on conditions for purchase to reflect the "personality" of the cat.

Where I need major help is here...

Cats can be damaged and "repaired" like any equipment but I'd really like to see them to have a chance to be randomly destroyed if they become damaged: "Ship's Cat killed in action!" and remove the equipment from the ship.
Like Realistic Damage OXP but just for the cats.

I have no clue how to even begin this but giving the cats a (relatively low)chance to be killed would be a key feature so if anyone could help me out you can have a cat named after you... if you haven't already.

This OXP is a work in progress

Please feel free to improve and expand the functionality of this OXP, more cats can be added, it still demands several obvious features beyond my ability.

Proposed Features

  • Cat's purr/mew during long flights / either as console messages or (preferably) sounds
  • Cat's react to alert levels / attacks
  • Interaction between multiple pets onboard (play/fight/?)
  • Sensitivity to Trumbles?
  • Cat's might have special abilities (sometimes identify criminals/bounty hunters by hissing/become uneasy when pirates are around (shortly out of sight)) This might be hard to balance
  • Influence the flight controls when playing/in panic/...
  • Eating food?
  • Pictures!

Arexack H's variant

(from his TrumbleTreats thread 2013)

  • tail moving at bottom of screen
  • head poking out from side
  • paw hitting scanner
  • sleeping on energybanks
  • "My nose is never wrong, I can smell trouble. It's somewhere out there!"


  • License: CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0
  • Author: superbatprime, v4hn (the bat who made a cat...)
  • Version: 1.1.0
  • Required Oolite Version: v.1.80



Gameplay and Balance Indicator


Unless cats really have a more extreme affect on you...