OXP by level indicated

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This page allows you to see the level indicated by OXP authors where applicable.

If no level indicator was provided, a guess (marked with an asterisk) might be made.

A negative level means the OXP makes the game easier for the player.

This page is by Zireael and dates to 2013.

The current difficulty rating systems are

  • Svangali's OXP Levelindicators (how tough you need to be to cope with this .oxp: mostly for missions)

OXP Name

Level indicated

Detectors 0
Dock Assist System OXP -1*
IronHide OXP -1*
Cabal Common Library 0
Cargo Spotter OXP 0*
Combat Simulator OXP 0
Enhanced Misjump OXP 0
Factions OXP 0
Famous Planets OXP 0
Laser Booster OXP 0*
Market Observer 0*
New Cargoes 0
Real Life Time 0
Snoopers 0
Custom Shields 0-1*
Commodity Markets OXP 0-1*
Hard Ships 0-4
Bullet Drive 1*
Contractor ZZ1 1*
Escort Formations 1
Fair Cobra III 1
Free Trade Zone 1*
The Assassins Guild OXP 1-3*
Deposed OXP 1-3
Aquatics OXP 2*
Deep Horizon Pirate Ambushes 2*
Far Arm ships 2
Frontier Style Equipment 2
Furball OXP 2
Anarchies OXP 2-3*
Black Monk Monastery 2-3*
Deep Space Pirates 3-4
Curse of the Black Sunspot 4-5