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The Gameplay and Balance indicator is a simple graphical device that authors can add to their OXP/OXZ wiki pages to give players an idea of how the Expansion might affect their game.

The Indicator

This takes the form of an image based on a 'traffic-lights' principle using colours of the spectrum. Green is neutral, Orange and Red indicate that the Expansion will make the game harder, and Blue and Violet indicate those which make the game easier.

The images

Tag-colour-red.png (image:tag-colour-red.png)

Tag-colour-orange.png (image:tag-colour-orange.png)

Tag-colour-green.png (image:tag-colour-green.png)

Tag-colour-blue.png (image:tag-colour-blue.png)

Tag-colour-violet.png (image:tag-colour-violet.png)

Using more than one Indicator

It is possible to use more than one Indicator for an Expansion Pack, so an Uber-ship with a nasty NPC version and a silly player version could use both Red and Violet, with annotations such as

Tag-colour-red.png Strong, powerful NPCs
Tag-colour-violet.png Super-tough player ship

Adding the Indicator to your Wiki page

To add this feature to your page, simply isert the following code (specifying the image you need). This would normally be added to the bottom of the page.

==Gameplay and Balance indicator==

[[Image:tag-colour-orange.png]] (Add optional annotation here: red/orange/green/blue/violet)

Conditions of Use

There is no compulsion to use this, or any other rating system. Authors can use them or ignore them freely. However, many players do find such guidance useful.

This Balance Indicator system was developed by Smivs, and anybody is free to use it.