Cobra 3.5

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Aegidian Shipyards' 'Chopped Cobra'

Cobra 3.5 - Chopped Cobra
Chopped Cobra.png
Size (W×H×L) 110m×23m×57m
Cargo capacity 18 TC
Cargo bay extension N/A
Maximum speed 0.36 LM
Manoeuvrability Roll: 2.25
Pitch: 1.25
Energy banks 5
Energy recharge rate

Medium (3.0)

Gun mounts Fore, Aft
Port, Starboard
Missile slots 3
Shield boosters available Yes
Military shields available Yes
Hyperspace capable Yes
OXP or standard OXP
Available to player Yes
Base price 412500 Cr

Aegidian Industries, creators of the Behemoth for GalCop were first to step up with their design dubbed the Cobra Mark 3.5, which rapidly became known as the "Chopped Cobra" after it's revolutionary hull design. It has since been superseded by Staer9 Industries' Chopped Cobra.

Aegidian installed larger engines to create more thrust, but at the cost of cargo space. To bring the Mk 3.5 up to the specifications of a fighter-interceptor role, Aegidian added the following features:

With a purchased Fuel Scoop and Docking Computers, the Cobra 3.5 would be a must for any bounty-hunter looking for a good starting ship.

This package of added extras is contained within a sleek hull that bears a custom-designed "Blue Cobra" paint scheme.

The OXP was written by Aegidian (a.k.a Giles Williams, the author of the Oolite game engine).


The Cobra 3.5 is found in the Chopped Cobra OXP. Alternate link on Oosat.