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This is my personal opinion, however, it might be useful for players who have not yet discovered the richness the OXPs bring to the game.

NOTE: With Oolite version 1.80, many of these became available as .OXZ's from the built-in Expansion Manager.

I recommend all new (or returning) players install at least some of the mods in the first section. The other mods are just my personal recommendations.

For the .oxp's/.oxz's which Zireael wrote see here. Zireael is from Poland and allegedly started playing Oolite to teach himself English. There is a rumour that he programmed all his pirates to speak in Received Pronounciation, whilst his police vipers spoke with a cockney accent.

Bring Oolite into the 21st century

These are mostly cosmetic and should run on every machine capable of running the Vanilla game.

Frontier-like experience

This is a list of mods a player may want to install if he/she wants an experience closer to Frontier/FFE.


most of this falls into the 'why isn't it in the game itself?!' category


Eye candy




most of this also falls into the 'why isn't it in the game itself?! category