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The Q-Charger provides a boost in speed when at maximum throttle at the cost of some fuel and energy. This OXP authored by CommonSenseOTB July 25, 2011.


Q-RaceTech is proud to present an innovation in Main Drive boosting technology. The Q-Charger uses new understanding of the principles governing Main Drives and Quirium Fuel to boost the top speed of any ship by 2x. The Q-Charger kicks in when the throttle is set over 95% maximum. The speed will be maintained at a steady 2x ship max speed until it is kicked off by lowering the throttle below 95% maximum. The Q-Charger requires fuel injection be installed before buying and requires both fuel injection and either an extra energy unit or a naval energy unit for operation. The Q-Charger will automatically cut out when either fuel drops below 0.1 ly or energy drops below 32.

WARNING: Serious damage may result to the Q-Charger if either the fuel injection or energy unit is damaged while in operation. Additionally, the Q-Charger is particularily vulnerable when it is damaged directly. Proper safeguards prevent main drive damage however. It uses 0.1 ly of Quirium fuel per 30 seconds of use and 4 units of energy per second.

Remember, things go better with Q.

You can disable Q-Charger by priming (Shift+N) and activating (n) if you want save your fuel sometimes.

Small ships under 30t mass like an Adder can not equip it due to the space requirement.

Equipment Details


  • Tech Level - 10.
  • Cost - 10,000 credits.
  • Required Equipment - Fuel Injectors, an Energy Unit.

OXP Requirements

  • Oolite 1.77
  • NUMERIC HUDV1.3.2.oxp now displays Q-Charger's top speed correctly.
  • No external dependencies


May.23, 2014 v1.25 - Smooth speed levels when throttle is between 95% and 100%.       
May.8, 2014 v1.24 - Primeable Q-Charger to disable it and a bugfix without ShipVersion.
                    Small ships under 30t mass can not use it anymore.
Dec.13, 2013 v1.23 - Some NPCs use Q-Charger without ShipVersion OXP also.
Okt.30, 2013 v1.22 - Small bugfix after player ejected.
Apr.8, 2013 v1.21 - Modified to awardable for NPC ships to make compatible with ShipVersion OXP by Norby.
Aug.22, 2011 v1.2 -Added 3 missing toggle checks to prevent problems when the sound is toggled "OFF".
Aug.7, 2011 v1.1 -Attenuated the high frequencies of the sound effects by putting them through a low-pass filter.

Download Information

Q-Charger v1.25 is capable to Q-Charge NPCs also, compatible with ShipVersion OXP (downloaded 3847 times).

Package in OXZ format for Oolite 1.79 or later but you can use it in Oolite 1.77 also if you make a Q-Charger.oxp folder into your AddOns directory and unzip this file into.

Q-Chargerv1.2 by CommonSenseOTB. Try here to post comments or for more information.