Far Sun OXP

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If you feel that the sun is too close to the planet, this micro OXP might be for you.

It moves suns further away from the main planet. Systems now look more 'natural', but it does take longer for sun skimmers to reach the sun.

Use of this OXP is no longer recommended, as it may cause unexpected problems with other OXPs which modify systems for their own purposes. It is suggested that you use Sensible Sun instead, as it is not subject to these problems.

For any feedback or bug report, please use the expansion packs forum on Oolite's message board:



  • Oolite v1.73 and higher.
  • No dependencies.


farsun1.05.zip (1.82KB)

  • This OXP was written by Kaks‎
  • There seems to have been no dedicated BB thread.