Sensible Sun

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If you find the "suns" in Oolite obtrusively large, just place the Sensible Sun OXP into your "AddOns" folder. Oolite will now create suns 2.75 times further from the planet than it does in its default configuration.

Sensible Sun is intended to replace the Farsun OXP, which MOVES suns three times further away after they are created. Farsun's method is not compatible which other OXPs which want to specify details for a particular star system. Sensible Sun only changes the configuration of default sytems which have not been modified by other OXPs. Using Farsun and Sensible Sun together will result in stars being 8.75 times further from planets than Oolite's default setting. (Not that we are suggesting you do that.. if you actually want to place the sun that far away, it would be better to alter the distance value of the sun_distance_modifier in planetinfo.plist to the distance you prefer.)

For any feedback or bug reports, please use the "Some sensible tweaks" thread on Oolite's message board:

Knotty produced a version of his Realistic Stars which is Sensible Sun Compatible (SSC).


  • Oolite v1.65 and higher.
  • No dependencies.