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Multiple Forward Laser Positions


Welcome. I've had another eureka moment and came up with this crazy workaround to have 2 forward lasers on the player ship. This workaround is fairly balanced as you have to give up the aft laser to get it. Works within the game's hardcoded limits on player ships' lasers and thus cheating and abuse of this workaround is prevented. Now you can do what you've always dreamed of: fly ships like the Wolfmk2 or the Catmk1 and have 2 forward lasers to use, just like the npc versions. Have fun!

This OXP authored by CommonSenseOTB Oct. 19, 2011.


There are multiple forward laser player ship versions for the cobramk3, bushmaster, catmk1, iguana, and wolfmk2. There are mining laser versions of the cobramk3 and bushmaster. Basically the way these are made is to use the aft laser as a forward laser by repositioning it and defining view positions and huds to create a zero parallax gun camera view for each forward weapon in an attempt to hide the immersion problems. It is important to remember that the secondary(converted aft)weapon can hit anything directly behind your target and may cause friendly fire incidents. Therefore, it is important to check your fire when using the secondary weapon. After many, many hours of testing, I can tell you this minor issue is easily compensated for and the alternate use of the 2 forward lasers makes dogfighting alot of fun. This may require a slightly different playstyle than you are used to. For immersion reasons, all the secondary forward weapons are built into the ships and most of the primary forward and side weapons are as well. All in all, there are pluses and minuses to this concept and I believe it is balanced while still allowing multiple forward lasers on the player ship. If you wish, you may post your comments and playtest results at the viewtopic link below.

The era of the professional dogfighter has begun. Yeehaw!

Have fun with this crazy outside-the-box workaround!


  • This OXP requires Oolite v1.75.3
  • Compatible with most main HUDs.
  • Contains a basic gun camera hud.
  • Compatible with Target Reticle Sensitive.oxp.
  • Requires Oldships 3.2 and Wolfmk2 3.3 to create player ships with multiple forward lasers.


You have unlimited permission to use these hud.plist/equipment.plist arrays and scripts as the foundation of your own version of a multiple forward laser player ship provided you give fair attribution to the author(CommonSenseOTB). As well all variables, equipment names and hud.plist names must be uniquely labelled to prevent conflicts. NOW GO AND MAKE SOME AMAZING NEW SHIPS!!!


MFLPS(MultipleForwardLaserPlayerShips) is now available.

Check here for more Information.

To post your comments and suggestions on this new HUD concept please go here.


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