Multiple Lasers

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Many trader ships can use more than one forward laser mounts if this OXP is installed.

You will pay multiple amounts of credits when you buy weapons, and laser heat will be multiplied as well, so you must be even more careful and save your shots for the best moments.


Usually it is harder to hit the enemy with all of your lasers due to the horizontal space between the laser beams, more space mean harder usage. Regardless of whether you hit with your central laser, the additional lasers can miss, so you should roll your ship into the best position where all can touch the target at once.


Only Vipers and a few more ships (marked with * in the next tables) hold a special laser which can fire the whole multiplied power through a single central barrel. These shots looks single but with somewhat thicker beams.

More numbers in lasers column mean forward, aft, port and starboard sides contain multiple lasers.

Numbers marked with "S" mean there is at least 30m space between mounts, which allow the use of Separated Lasers without multiplied heat generation - a big advantage in combat. A few ships benefit even more due to the 30m limit must be earned in 3D so if a laser placed behind the others (in z axis) or lifted up (in y axis) then can be near horizontally. These are marked with (!) in the horizontal space column. So smaller than 30m values are exists in horizontal space on a ship with "S" lasers also, just mark the best ones (smaller is better).

The "W" mark mean wide separated mounts with at least 50m space, required by the larger Eco Lasers. The horizontal space of these could be much less on ships with long shape, for example Far Arm Corsair has wide separated mounts with a bit more than 50m distances in 3D but only 24m horizontally.

Cat and Iguana hold two very big guns on wingtips with double and separated lasers (4 in total) but no central laser. Cat's very large guns are even more tricky due to fit into the requirement of Wide multiple mounts. Technically this need to place secondary lasers almost behind the firsts and earn 50m distance on the ship's longitudinal (z) axis.

Ship name Lasers Horizontal space (m)
Anaconda 3, 3S, 3W, 3W 5, 15(!), 50, 50
Boa 2 3
Boa Class Cruiser 4, 2S 7, 31
Cobra Mark III 3 13
Constrictor 5, 3S 4, 20(!)
Fer-de-Lance 2* 0
Krait 3W 45
Python 1, 2, 2W, 2W 0, 15, 50, 50
Viper 2* 0
Viper Interceptor 2* 0

The following OXP ships will use multiple lasers also.

Ship name Lasers Horizontal space (m)
Arachnid Mark 1, Arachnid Escort 3* 0
Asp Mark II Special 3, 3 8, 11
Caduceus Alpha 3W 35
Caduceus Omega 3W, 3W 35, 35
Cat 2W*+2W* 59
Chameleon 3* 0
Cobra Clipper 3 12
Cobra Courier 3 13
Cobra Cutlass 3 14
Cobra Rapier 3 14
Chopped Cobra/S9 3 13
Cobra Mark III-XT 3 13
Cobra Mark IV Black 3 13
Condor 3W*, 3W* 0, 0
Dark Rainbow 3W, 3W 35, 35
DTT Heart of Gold 4S, 2S, 5W, 5W 22(!), 24(!), 50, 50
D.T.T. War Lance 3S, 3 19(!), 10
Far Arm Corsair 5W, 3S 24(!), 30
Far Arm Corsair R 3W+2turret, 3S 32, 30
Far Arm Hunter 5S, 0 18(X form!)
Far Arm Scow SE 3S, 0 22(!)
Far Arm Tanker SE 3W, 3W 38, 38
Ghavial, Ghavial Escort 2S 33
Griff Cobra MkIII Alt 3 11
Griff Viper High Poly 2* 0
Griff Viper Interceptor High Poly 2* 0
Hornet 3S 8(!)
Iguana 2S*+2S* 45
Imperial Courier 3W Sniper Gun 69
King Cobra 3* 0
Monitor Mark II 2 3
Mussurana 4* 0
Ophidian Escort 2 8
Python Class Cruiser 2, 2, 2W, 2W 13, 9, 50, 50
Python ET Special 2, 2, 2W, 2W 3, 3, 50, 50
Pitviper Mark II 4S 20(Y form!)
Star Destroyer 5W*, 5W*, 5W*, 5W* HSG 0, 0, 0, 0
Stormbrewer 3S 30
Stormbrewer Vigilante 5S, 5S 29, 30
S8 Escort 3 13
Vector 3S, 2* 14(!), 0
Viper Raider 2* 0
Wolf Mark I, Wolf Mark I Escort 2S 24(!)
Wolf Mark II 3, 2S 10, 30

This addon use multiply weapon_mount_mode of Oolite 1.83 introduced here in shipdata-overrides.plist, like this:

"oolite_template_anaconda" = {
   weapon_mount_mode = "multiply";
   weapon_position_forward = ("-5.5 -6.2 81.8", "0.0 -4.6 73.97", "5.5 -6.2 81.8");

Pitviper in action:


5+5 separated laser guns on Stormbrewer Vigilante:



This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License version 4.0.

If you are re-using any piece of this OXP, please let me know by sending an e-mail to norbylite at


Required: Oolite 1.83

Multiple_Lasers_1.8.oxz (downloaded 1567 times).

Multiple_Lasers_1.7.oxz (downloaded 307 times).

Multiple_Lasers_1.6.oxz (downloaded 435 times).

Multiple_Lasers_1.5.oxz (downloaded 200 times).

Multiple_Lasers_1.4.oxz (downloaded 164 times).

Multiple_Lasers_1.0.oxz (downloaded 142 times).


2016.10.27. v1.8  Imperial Courier got 3 forward separated Sniper Gun capable mounts.
2016.09.08. v1.7  Cobra Mark III-XT got 3 forward non-separable lasers.
                  Condor has 3 forward and 3 aft separated lasers, all in central position.
2016.05.29. v1.6  Star Destroyer fire 5 separated lasers through the same barrel in all sides.
2016.03.06. v1.5  Caduceus Alpha aft view position fixed.
                  Caduceus Omega aft spaces are increased to 50m in 3D for separated Eco Artillery.
                  DTT Heart of Gold side spaces are increased to 50m in 3D for separated Eco Reactor.
                  Central lasers ordered first in weapon_position arrays.
2016.01.31. v1.4  No more harmless pilots on high-end OXP ships with 4-5 lasers.
                  Anaconda laser distances on sides increased to 50m for wide separated Eco Lasers.
                  Turrets removed from Far Arm Corsair and Hunter in favor of 5 lasers.
                  Corsair R has 3 forward (wide separated) lasers only but keep the original 2 turrets.
                  Python got 2-2 wide separated (50m) side mounts for Eco Lasers.
                  Stormbrewer Vigilante player version is supported with 5+5 separated (30m) lasers.
2016.01.28. v1.3  No more penalty on side laser usage of Anaconda NPCs.
                  Cat and Iguana has double lasers on each sides (4 in total, NPC only).
                  Caduceus Omega (1.6MCr) and Dark Rainbow (2 MCr) has 3 aft lasers.
                  DTT Heart of Gold has 4 forward, 2 aft and 5-5 side lasers (for 1 MCr).
                  Far Arm Corsair has 5 forward and 3 aft lasers for 680 kCr.
                  Far Arm Hunter has 5 forward lasers (and zero aft) for 650 kCr.
                  Far Arm Scow SE has 3 forward lasers (and zero aft) for 360 kCr.
                  Far Arm Tanker SE has 3 forward and 3 aft lasers for 720 kCr.
                  Stormbrewer-vigilante has 5 forward and 5 aft lasers (NPC only).
                  Vector get 3 forward and double aft lasers for 692 kCr.
2016.01.23. v1.2  Fer-de-Lance hold dual forward lasers in the same center position.
                  Staer9's Monitor Mark II has dual forward lasers.
                  Fixed "cannot make vector" errors.
2016.01.23. v1.1  Aft dual lasers: Boa Class Cruiser (Fw:4), Python (Fw:1), Wolf Mark II (Fw:3).
                  Anaconda hold 3-3 lasers on all sides.
                  Black Cobra4 has 3 forward lasers in the same central position.
                  Constrictor has 3 lasers.
                  DTT War Lance has 3 forward and 3 aft lasers.
                  Staer9's Asp Mark II Special has 3 forward and 3 aft lasers.
                  Staer9's Chameleon has 3 forward lasers in the same central position.
                  Staer9's Mussurana has 4 forward lasers in the same position (for 875kcr).
                  Staer9's Python Class Cruiser and Python ET Special got 2 forward and 2 aft lasers.
                  Stormbrewer has 3 forward lasers and gun subentitites.
                  Vector has 2 forward and 2 aft lasers, aft ones in the same position.
                  Compatible with Random Hits and Random Hits Shipset OXPs.
2016.01.17. v1.0  First release.

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1.8 2016.10.27 CC BY-NC-SA 4 Multiple Lasers Weapons OXPs Norby BB-Link