Respray for Griffs

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Decal Adjustment

Resprays for Griff's ship .oxp's


This OXP allows players using a computer with ‘Full Shaders’ enabled to adjust the randomised paint job applied to any of the following player-flyable ships from Griff Industries from within the game. For some of the ships the default decal can also be changed to another design, and decal rotation, scale and position adjusted.

  • Paint Job and Decal:
Griff’s Shipset: Adder, Asp Mk II, Anaconda, Boa, Boa Class Cruiser, Cobra Mk III (regular and scuffed), Cobra Mk I, Python (regular and alternate versions).
Griff Player Flyable NPC Ships: Gecko, Krait, Mamba, Sidewinder.
  • Paint Job Only:
Griff’s Shipset: Fer-de-Lance (regular and alternate versions)
Griff’s Prototype Boa, Griff’s Multidecal Player Cobra (alternative version), Griff’s Multidecal Player Cobra (normal and scuffed versions)

The technique uses the new player ship replacement functions available in Trunk and as such this OXP should be considered as a test release. As such I recommend that you back up your save game before experimenting with this OXP.


You must be flying one of the Griff ships listed in the overview and playing with Full Shaders enabled.

This OXP currently does nothing useful for other player flyable ships, or for players with Shaders Off or Simple Shaders.

You may well find that this does not work on modern versions of Oolite.

It does work with

  • Oolite-1.77.1.exe and the following OXP's
  • Griff_Shipset_Resources_v1.2.25.oxp
  • Respray_for_Griffs_0.4_2012.06.24.oxp
  • Ship_Storage_Helper_0.20_2012.06.24.oxp
  • Griff_Shipset_Replace_v1.34.oxp

For older versions of Oolite see: Older Oolite versions

For older versions of Griff's oxp's see Spara's collection

For older versions of ship storage helper see here



  • Copyright: Capt Murphy 2012 except for included alternative decals which are © Diziet Sma 2010-2012
  • Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 - see for more info.
  • Requires: Oolite 1.77 - Trunk builds after revision 5025 (nightly build 23/6/12). Version 0.4 26/06/12
  • OXP Dependencies
Dependent on Ship Storage Helper v0.20 or above.

OXP Compatibility

  • Compatible with Extended Shipyards v0.15 or above.
  • Compatible with Addition(v1.01 and later) and Replacement (v.1.1 and later) versions of Griff’s Shipset.
  • Compatible with griff_shipset_player_flyable_NPC_ships.oxp (v1.04 and later).
  • Compatible with Griff’s Protoype Boa, Griff’s Multidecal Alternative Player Cobra, Griff’s Multidecal Player Cobra, and Griff’s Multidecal Scuffed Player Cobra.


Gameplay and Balance Indicator


Your respray may make your ship more lurid, and may give the pirates a major attack of the galloping heeby-jeebies, but will not affect gameplay or balance.