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Cheyd's Buoy - now part of the vanilla game

Supreme Autocrat of Deep Horizon Industries.

Famous throughout The Eight for his work on Uridium Injection Dilators & Atemporal Muon-Ambiplasma Navigation.

OXZs (on in-game Expansions Manager)


  • Deep Horizon Nav Buoy - a retexture for the Buoy - some still prefer to add this to their game (despite the incorporation of Cheyd's buoy into the vanilla game coding) due to its enhanced appearance and superior movements!


OXPs (on Deep Horizon website)

  • Deep Horizon - Systems v2.0.8 (Beta) Add additional planets and moons to your Ooniverse. Replaces the procedurally drawn planet textures with amazingly detailed custom textures. Also changes the appearance of the central star within each system.
Low Resolution Texture Pack - 3/2/2011 (11.6 MB)
Standard Resolution Texture Pack - 3/2/2011 (22 MB)
Historical Note: Cmd. Cheyd originally agreed to take over and update Capt Kev's pioneering oxp. System Redux. Capt Kev then updated it himself, which rather took the wind out of Cmd. Cheyd's sails! This is the detritus of that attempt.
  • Lights Down: Lower the ambient light within the game for a more spacious feel. Also increases the ambient star count, and the intensity of nebulae within the game.
  • Pirate Ambushes: Introduces a new tactic for pirates in lower-government systems- Hijacking the Witchspace buoy and moving it to a more 'advantageous' position.
  • Gas Giant Skimming: (Requirement: Ore Processor OXP by Eric Walch) Allows players to skim fuel, and possibly other commodities, from gas giant-type planets.


See Deep Horizon for more information (and more OXPs).