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Here are two new ships - a souped up, prettied up police Viper plus the long-promised Oresrian Trader.


The SWAT Viper adds a better armed Viper to the game, in response to the better armed adversaries that are becoming common in the spacelanes. It totes a military laser, and has a 50-50 chance of appearing instead of the usual Police ships. It is not available to players.

The Oresrian Trader is the largest ship in the Oresrian fleet. Unfortunately, this peaceful tradeship shares many similarities with the feared Thargoid warships and are often mistaken for them in the heat of battle.


Galactic Central News Report #330974-898/3A

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - With the increasing hostilities between human and Thargoid, plus increased friction between GalCop and neighbouring galactic powers, the Galactic Police have introduced reforms in thier working practices.

Existing forces have now been bolstered with new SWAT divisions which will be posted to all operational stations. These divisions are equipped with the standard Viper craft armed with more powerful weaponry.

In other news, there have been a spate of reports claiming that GalCop pilots are once more mistaking Oresrian vessels for Thargoid warships. Please remember that these races are physiologically similar and have utilised similar design elements in thier ships. Always check your fire before commenting an assault on a suspected enemy vessel.

The Readme Stuff

(June 2006) This is a ship expansion for Oolite that adds a new paint job for the Police Vipers to the game. The new ship is classed as a SWAT Viper, and as such I gave it a better laser than the ordinary Vipers just to make it a bit different. There is a percentage chance that this ship will launch from a station in response to an attack, and likewise should have a percentage chance of random encounters in space. This ship is not available to players.

Alongside it, to bolster out the OXP, I've finally finished the Oresrian ship I started work on some months back. It is classed as a trader, and is based mostly on the specs for the Anaconda. This ship is available to players too, but is untested in a docking environment, so watch out.

As always, feedback is welcome - especially bug reports and kudos!!

Dave Hughes, Selezen Shipyards, Tionisla Coriolis 2

The Copyright Stuff

Certain elements of the Elite Universe are copyright to Ian Bell and David Braben. No copyright infringement is intended.

Oolite, its source code and unique elements are protected under the Creative Commons license.

The Viper model used in this package was drawn by Giles Williams. The model for the Oresrian Trader was designed by Dave Hughes. The textures in this package were drawn by Dave Hughes. If anyone wants to modify this package or any part thereof, please notify me first in case I am working on a similar change.

Other than that, it's all yours to play with!

Ships in this OXP

Swat viper.png
GalCop SWAT Viper
Oresrian cruiser.png
Oresrian Trader


You can download this OXP here.


  • The original thread was presumably lost in the Great Deletion.
  • This oxp was uploaded to Box in June 2006. In 2008 there was a glitch which is addressed here. It is possible that this was merely due to the particular mix of oxp's (which included the problematic RS).