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Generation Ship
Gen-ship sm.png
Size (W×H×L) 6412.532m×6416.008m×30276.727m
Cargo capacity Unknown
Cargo bay extension Unknown
Maximum speed 0.06 LM
Manoeuvrability Roll: 0.5
Pitch: 0.5
Energy banks Unknown
Energy recharge rate


Gun mounts None
Missile slots 0
Shield boosters available No
Military shields available No
Hyperspace capable No
OXP or standard OXP
Available to player No
Base price N/A
Generation Ship majestically ploughing its way through the vastness of space. The small grey vessel in front of it (top right) is actually a Navy Behemoth!

Shadows from the past

Space holds many mysteries: all spacers learn this, some sooner, some later. Ships take off from a station and are lost without a trace; some are wormholed across the galaxy, or even between galaxies, leaving the pilot stranded; some pass through witchspace in seconds and have aged a thousand years, the ship's crew aged to dust on the consoles.

And then there are the legends...

There is a legend of ships containing cities, fields, rivers and forests, launched into space in the first flush of mankind's outward urges. Ships that would travel at a snail's space across the light years bearing its fragile cargo to other worlds. Ships that would be so long in flight that hundreds of years would pass between their launching and their planetfall, and that in the intervening time its cargo would have replaced itself dozens of times over, generation succeeding generation succeeding generation, each one accepting the torch of hope, each one keeping the dream alive.

The generation ships.

In these enlightened times, of course, no-one believes a word of them.

But sometimes, a grizzled spacer, deep in his cups and trying to forget the image of a Fer-de-Lance bearing down on him or the swarm of Thargoids in that asteroid belt at Oninre, tells a tale of a witch-space jump gone wrong, his engines depositing him in that nowhere place between the dimensions. He will speak of a massive ship, kilometres long, that ignored his hails as it crept along at a snail's pace, its hull battered and scored and blackened by space. And he will speak of a name still visible, just, on that hull.

... Then perhaps another spacer will buy him a drink, and whisper quietly of another ship, another name...

... another shadow from the past...


"Before the development of the WS Thru-Space drive, in all its various forms, interstellar travel occurred in large, self-sustaining environment ships—Generation Ships—most of which have now been logged and their progress monitored. There are more than seventy thousand of these immense vessels ploughing their way through the galaxy, some of them into their 30th generation. The penalty for interference with such a vessel is marooning." (Webster's Space Dictionary, 324th ed)

Notable Features

This OXP adds the mysterious, majestic and magnificently massive Generation ships to your Oolite universe. These immense vessels are encountered only rarely in the vast tracts of Thargoid-haunted interstellar space between inhabited systems, so seeing one may be a once in a lifetime occurance for many commanders. Few who have reported seeing these vessels have ever been unchanged by the experience, to be dwarfed by the sheer magnitude and awed by the stately grace these ships exhibit is something that remains with the viewer forever.

The genship.oxp was written and first published by Draco Caeles, then lost in the maelstrom of various collapsing Oosats, and soon became equally legendary and rare to find as the ships it brings to the Ooniverse.

Starting from version 1.1, the scripting part was completely overhauled by Commander McLane. For a changelog please read the readMe.

At over 30 kilometers long, it is currently the biggest ship in the game.


Minimum Requirements

Generation Ships.oxz v1.4 needs at least Oolite 1.80.
Generation Ships.oxp v1.3 needs at least Oolite 1.74, and it is recommended that you upgrade to the latest Oolite version.

Download Location

Previous Versions

  • Generation Ships.oxp v1.3 is available on
  • Also, the original genships.oxp is available on



I said I want to dock the player with a Generation Ship, so I made them dockable. The (unwanted) result is that there are traders randomly launching from the Generation Ship. Yesterday it happened that one of those traders went a short distance forwards and ... jumped. Now as also the Generation Ship moves forward -- painfully slowly, of course -- eventually it got caught by the trader's wormhole and disappeared, leaving the most gigantic wormhole I've ever seen! Its blue dot was at the very edge of my scanner, but it filled the sky! And I got sucked in when I came closer than 20 kilometers! WOW! Commander McLane (2007)


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Quick Facts

Version Released License Features Category Author(s) Feedback
1.6 2023-11-23 CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 Generation Ships Ships OXPs‏‎ Draco Caeles Oolite BB

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