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Draco Caeles was active back in 2006.

He authored the first version of the Generation Ships OXP, the Firewasp OXP, wrote a tutorial on creating ship models in Oolite using Wings 3D, as well as an Oolite film

I played Elite on the C64, the ZX Spectrum and on the BBC. Then on the Arc, and I played the Elite+ version on the PC.

I played Fronter on the PC and the Amiga, and FFE on the PC. And since then I've been hunting for games to replace my darling Elite. So I've done the rounds: Freelancer, X2, X3, and Gods only know how many versions.

I stumbled across Christian Pinder's Elite:TNK earlier this year, complete with the source code, despite it having been supposed to be taken down. (I didn't get it from his site but from somewhere else; I forget where.) And then a Wikipedia search led me here.

The rest, as they say...

You know you've been playing Oolite too much when...
14. When you're lying in bed with your eyes closed trying to get to sleep and all you can see on the inside of your eyelids is that trading run you did about 15 times to make enough money to buy a cargo bay extension...
(Post by Draco_Caeles » Tue Jul 18, 2006 9:26 pm)

Draco liked to play Oolite with his F8 screen showing his commodities in Russian.

Draco's oeuvre