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If you buy these, then prime them (Shift+N) and then activate (n) this equipment: you raise the level of the ambient light around you. Another activate sets it back to the previous level as you turn on/off your headlights.

Using the mode (b) key you can change the function of the activate key between the following modes:

  • switch between default and high level (on/off),
  • decrease default level,
  • increase default level,
  • save the current level as high level (min. value: 2) and reset the default level to 1.

Useful with dark monitors combined with integrated graphics without gamma settings.

After you set your lights dock and save your game, this will be stored in your savegame. If you remove the equipment to reduce the length of your primable list, your setting will be remain. But if you keep it then you can use it to find ships: if you turn them on and off repeatedly, you will then highlight objects over the stars.

Can override very dark ambient_level settings in OXZs like Realistic_Stars.

If your Oolite is older than 1.81 then you can edit the default setting in the Config/planetinfo.plist, for example set to 0.5 if you want darker than the default but not so dark than in Realistic Stars which is 0.1.


For more information see a regarding discussion.


Headlights.1.2.oxz (downloaded 3078 times).

Old versions

Headlights.1.1.oxz (downloaded 1353 times).

Headlights.1.0.oxz (downloaded 336 times).


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2016.01.01. v1.2  New mode key functions.
2015.05.10. v1.1  Fixed a bug after load game reported by Day.
2014.12.04. v1.0  First release.

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