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Points-based lottery and rewards system


By the year 3136 GalCop had reached a point where too many pilots were committing lots of minor misdemeanours… docking whilst drunk, breaking speed limits in reduced speed zones, docking without permission, etc. Trying to set fines and penalties hadn’t reduced this ever growing problem. Their latest solution was to replace or augment the stick with a carrot, and so they took the lottery concept as used by the government of Riveis, and the concept of a loyalty reward card system, and merged them together and GalCop Rewards was born.


GalCop Rewards is a points-based lottery and rewards system. The aim is to gain reward points. If you have rewards points you get entered into the lottery that happens every 50 hours*. Playing the lottery costs 1 reward point. If you have 5 reward points then you get entered in the next 5 lotteries and then it will stop. If you win the lottery you win vouchers as prizes. The more points you have the better the type of voucher you can win. These vouchers can be anything like “percentage savings on fuel”, “free repairs”, “Get 1t of a commodity when you purchase Xt of the same commodity”, “Percentage saving on equipment”. Also this voucher can be valid for a number of redeems. You do not have to do anything to redeem your voucher. If you buy the relevant equipment or commodities at a participating station the voucher will be automatically redeemed.

Please Note:

All vouchers cost reward points so you can not redeem your voucher if you do not have enough reward points.

As GalCop can not know where you are in space when the lottery is played you will be informed of any voucher, or vouchers, you win when you arrive or whilst at a participating station.

Any financial savings a voucher gives are rewarded back to you after a purchase so you still need enough money to make the purchase without the voucher.

You only get awarded equipment based vouchers for equipment which are referenced with wildcards (usually missiles) or specific equipment that your ship can take and you don't already have.


*The higher the number of points you have the less likely you are to win the lottery. Though this plateaus. This is because the vouchers you can win with high points get so much better. Also this is to encourage new pilots with initial easier wins. (Starts at 1 in 5 and reduces to 1 in 15 by 500 points or higher.)

You only get one voucher at any time. If more than one lottery was played since it was last checked you may win more than one voucher. If you win more than one or you have an existing voucher you will get to choose which voucher you want to keep, whether that be one of the new ones or the existing one. If you choose a new one that voucher will replace the existing one.

Only normally legal, non-precious, commodities will be included in the vouchers. GalCop purchases some tonnes of these commodities from the market for these rewards in advance, so don't be worried if there doesn't appear to be enough at the station's market.

By default only the main station of each system is participating in this scheme. Other stations may be added by other OXPs.

With commodity based vouchers you may not have room in your cargo bay for all the additional tonnes so you only get what you have room for. As vouchers are for one off purchases partial rewards are considered as a full redeem and you will still reduce the remaining number of redeems or lose the voucher. You may not collect the missing commodities later. Only if you have no room at all will the voucher not be redeemed.

Earning Reward Points

Generally this isn't part of this OXP. You will normally need to install another OXP that rewards points. E.g. Safe Docking.

But there is one inbuilt way to earn points though and that is to purchase equipment (standard equipment by default) without redeeming a voucher when doing so.

Manifest Screen

To see how many Reward Points you have and what voucher you have go to the Manifest screen (F5-F5). The line in the Manifest screen with your remaining Reward Points also tells you approximately when the next lottery will be. Also if you are in space it will tell you how many lotteries have passed.

Other possibilities

These were dreamed of, but never implemented.

  • Get Reward Points for killing high bounty NPCs (e.g. "Commander, since you last docked, our records show you have destroyed a total of 4,217 Credits worth of Fugitive vessels. In addition to the bounty you have already received, you also receive [4217 / 100 = 42] 42 Reward Points.)
  • Get points for rescuing escape pods
  • Get points for helping out others under attack (ie. whenever you get the "Thanks for your help" message)
"Commander, we are aware you have returned from Fugitive to Clean. As part of our Clean Pilot Programme, we will now award you 1 Reward Point every day, for the next year if you stay Clean."
  • Get points for delivering medical supplies to plague ridden planets or some other special cargo somewhere that GalCop needs it.
  • Get points for scooping special cargo and returning it to it's rightful owner.
  • Get points for helping ships to use your ship's wormhole.
  • "You have neither bought nor sold any illegal items for [x] jumps. Have a Reward Point."
  • Lose all Reward Points for becoming Fugitive


GalCop_Rewards.oxp is available from the in-game Expansions Manager or within

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