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By the year 3136 GalCop had reached a point where too many pilots were committing lots of minor misdemeanours… docking whilst drunk, breaking speed limits in reduced speed zones, docking without permission, etc. Trying to set fines and penalties hadn’t reduced this ever growing problem. Their latest solution was to replace or augment the stick with a carrot, and so they took the lottery concept as used by the government of Riveis, and the concept of a loyalty reward card system, and merged them together and GalCop Rewards was born. See GalCop Rewards OXP for details. Well, you may be wondering what this has to do with this Safe Docking OXP. Poor docking was one of the main issues GalCop had with bad piloting. Safe Docking is GalCop's attempt for rewarding pilots for docking at participating stations in a safe manner and makes use of GalCop Rewards to do this.


With Safe Docking OXP how fast and carefully you dock now determines whether you get rewarded or receive a penalty. Dock too fast and you will be get a penalty (and may be an insult). Dock at an acceptable speed and you may get rewarded with GalCop Reward Points. Generally the slower the better, but be warned, go too slowly or scrape your ship's hull and the station's Dockmaster will not be pleased. If you only docked in an "Ok" fashion you may not get a message at all.

Only manual docking counts. If you dock using a Docking Computer (both automatic or Instant docking) you will not be rewarded. Also cheating by using the Docking Computer to get you almost there and turning it off and finishing docking manually is also detected and will not count as manual docking.

The following table shows the speeds and their results:

Speed Range Rating Reward Penalty
>=0m/s and <25m/s Too Slow Lose 5 Credits
>=25m/s and <50m/s Excellent 10 Reward Points
>=50m/s and <75m/s Very Good 5 Reward Points
>=75m/s and <100m/s Good 1 Reward Points
>=100m/s and <125m/s Ok
>=125m/s and <225m/s Poor Lose 1 Reward Points and fined 20 Credits
>=225m/s and <300m/s Reckless Lose 5 Reward Points and fined 40 Credits
>=300m/s and <400m/s Dangerous Lose all Reward Points and fined 100 Credits
>=400m/s and <550m/s Very Dangerous Lose all Reward Points and fined 500 Credits
>=550m/s Criminal Lose all Reward Points, fined 1000 Credits and gain 5 Credits bounty
<225m/s and scraped ship during docking Collided Lose 2 Reward Points and fined 25 Credits

The only variation from the above is if you are under attack AND at low energy. In this situation you will let off any penalty. Being under attack is defined by being attacked by at least one non-police ship (by laser or missile) and each attacking ship still has you as its target. (Still targeted is checked every 2 seconds.) If you have been attacked by a cloaked ship within the last 10 seconds then this also counts as under attack. Low Energy is when your energy is less than 128 which is less than 2 full bars on a ship's HUD.

All fines are reduced not take you below 100 credits. So if you are below 100 credits you won't be fined.

If you re-visit the same station in the scheme within the last hour (in-game hours) then you do not get any Rewards Points. The Dockmaster will let you know if this is the case. Penalties for bad docking will still apply though.

Participating Stations

All system Main Stations are in the scheme but also when you enter the station aegis you will get a message telling you that the station is in the scheme e.g. “The Dockmaster would like to let you know that Lave Orbital Station is a participant in the Safe Docking Rewards Scheme.”

Any other station or carrier you will receive an equivalent message if you enter the region within the aegis distance around them (2x scanner radius). In Oolite aegis only normally applies to the main station but it is “reproduced” for these other stations.

My Speed

If you install OXPConfig OXP version 2.0.10 or higher then you can use that to modify the OXP parameter that adds to a station's arrival message a notification of your arrival speed. This parameter is off by default.

Docking Clearance

If docking clearance requirement is turned on (usually by installing the Docking Clearance OXP) then docking without clearance means you get no Reward Points added for good docking. Penalties for bad docking will still apply though.


OXPConfig compatible.png

GalCop Rewards OXP

Optional: OXPConfig OXP version 2.0.10 or higher

Optional: Docking Clearance


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