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Private Exhibition in Oolite v1.79
Carriers meet Andromeda in Private Exhibition
Private Exhibition with OXP ships


Show encountered ships and other space objects in Interfaces (F4).

Extend your gallery by flying around and targeting or fighting with ships and other space objects.

If you are a new pilot then you will only see purchasable ships from the station shipyards.

Press F4 when you are docked, then choose "Gallery of encounters" to see ship statistics and rotating models.

You will see how many ships and other space objects you have currently gathered and the list of last encounters.

Only the first name from each initials listed here to fit into the screen when you will have one in each letter also.

Gallery Menu

Rotate X+ / Stop / X- / Stop / Y+ / Stop / Y- / Stop
Move X+ / Stop / X- / Stop / Y+ / Stop / Y- / Stop
Zoom + / Stop / Zoom - / Stop
Hide Menu

The first line shows name of the current object displayed, select it to see the next rotating model.

You can step back, search, rotate, move, zoom and hide the menu to get a better view of the rotating model.

The Search menu uses text entry in Oolite 1.79. Oolite 1.77 uses a selection list.


Check incoming ship meetings in Exhibitions Interface (F4) where you can add rare ships into your Gallery.

Type specific exhibitions contain ships which not in largest ones.

Beware of Pirate Meetings, there are aggressive guards out there!

Plan your route to arrive to the advertised systems in time. Exhibitions are organized near witchpoints.

You can request permission to rotate exhibition ships for viewing, after you have received permission it you can rotate the ship by locking target on it.

To help find which ship is missing from your Gallery these start rotating initially. Select each rotating ship with a target lock to add these into your Gallery.

Some ships may only differ in colour (colouring need shaders, if your system does not aupport shaders then these ships will look identical).

After 5 minutes you must join the exhibition queue again so that other exhibition visitors can have their turn.

Visitor Levels

Your visit to an exhibition will be registered when you target at least one ship in an exhibition. You can increase your Visitor Level if you check more exhibitions.

You will receive messages when you reach the following levels of appreciation:

Visit	Level
1	Novice Visitor
2	Unexpected Visitor
4	Poor Visitor
8	Below Average Visitor
16	Average Visitor
32	Above Average Visitor
64	Competent Visitor
100	Trustworthy Visitor!
300	Expected Visitor!
1000	Elite Visitor!

Private Exhibition Control equipment

You can order a private exhibition of purchasable ships which will arrive before the dock where you are by either pay out this equipment or order in Exhibitions Interface.

A few days will elapse until all ships arrive.

You will be fined if you destroy any of them.

You can start and stop all rotation in Private Exhibition by priming (Shift+N) and activating (n) the Private Exhibition Control equipment. To rotate one ship simply target it. Target a rotating ship to stop rotating.

The mode (b) of the primed equipment shows how many ships exists in Private Exhibition.

Some parts of Private Exhibition will be hidden if too many ships causes display problems on your system. If this happens, select the mode (b) key to show the next part.

Private Exhibition will be closed if you dock into another station (you can order a new Private Exhibition there) or you jump into another system. Private Exhibition will remain active if you take a rest (save then load game).

Cost: 100.0 Cr.
Techlevel: 1


In Oolite v1.79 or later do not unzip the .oxz file, just move into the AddOns folder of your Oolite installation.

In Oolite v1.77 make a Gallery.oxp subfolder in your AddOns folder and unzip the .oxz file into the newly created subfolder.


Oolite v1.77 at least, v1.79 or later needed to get all functionality.


Every menu selection redraws the ship model, so shader colours and decals will change by when you select Rotate, Move, etc.

Ship details are hidden based on the following (maybe need to extend):

  • Technical Reference Library OXP (validator copied from v1.0.1 but call the original if TRL OXP installed),
  • ccl_missionShip in scriptInfo,
  • "stealth" word within dataKey or primaryRole.

This OXP use Ship.keys(), Ship.roles() and Ship.keysForRole("role") methods in Oolite v1.79. There is a slow and inaccurate method for Oolite v1.77 which tries to get all ships, but a few ships are randomly left out. This OXP can cause a crash at game start there is if not enough memory (if spinning cobras appear then you have enough memory). You can reduce the $GalleryMaxIt variable in gallery.js to avoid the problem if needed, but more ships will be left out.

Can show ship.energyRechargeRate and ship.extraCargo in v1.79 only.

Ships with "subent" word in dataKey are removed to skip subentities in Griff_Shipset_Replace_v1.34.oxp.

Turrets, docks and other subentities without "subent" rule will appear in v1.79 if all objects mode enabled in gallery.js, there are no exact method to skip all of these. In v1.77 it is not a problem due to the fallback method can include ships with given roles only (see in gallery.js, you can extend if you want) so all OXP ships without standard roles left out completely.

Setings in gallery.js

this.$GalleryAll = false; //Gallery of all objects (cheat)
this.$GalleryDefaultZoom = 1.5; //default size of ships
this.$GalleryMaxIt = 5; //max. iteration in Oolite v1.77, reduce if cause problems
this.$GalleryLog = false; //verbose log
this.$GalleryRoles = ["all", "player", ... ]; //main roles, you can add more
this.$GallerySpeed = 2; //move and zoom speed

Setings in exhibitions.js

this.$ExhibitionsAllShipsInPrivateExhibition = false; //show NPC ships in Private Exhibition (cheat)
this.$ExhibitionsLog = false; //verbose log
this.$ExhibitionsMaxShipsInLargeExhibitions = 144; //should be square number and min. 64
this.$ExhibitionsMinFPS = 20; //split Private Exhibition to get more than this frames per second
this.$ExhibitionsSpace = 150; //m space between ships in exhibition matrix


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License version 4.0.

If you are re-using any piece of this OXP, please let me know by sending an e-mail to norbylite at

Background image source: Start Choices OXP by spara.


2015.04.25. v1.21 Many small fixes, thanks to QCS.
2014.07.04. v1.20 Fix for seedy space bar and ships with ship script.
2014.07.03. v1.19 Exhibitioins are moved forward to 10km from the player's exit point.
                  Oversized ships in Exhibitions are moved farther from others.
                  Small fix in gallery search.
2014.05.19. v1.18 Fast startup in Oolite 1.79 by the new shipDataForKey.
2014.05.18. v1.17 Back to the previous startup method after a fix in Oolite.
2014.05.18. v1.16 Faster startup in Oolite 1.79 if many OXZs are installed.
2014.01.17. v1.15 Small fix against "Unknown expansion key [Exhibition Guard]" log messages.
2013.12.28. v1.14 Further proofreading by Keeper and Salon renamed to Private Exhibition.
2013.12.15. v1.12 Proofreading by Ranthe.
2013.12.13. v1.1  Salon split into more parts if needed to reach $ExhibitionsMinFPS.
2013.12.06. v1.0  Exhibitions and Visitor levels.
                  List of last encounters.
2013.11.27. v0.9  Salon Control equipment: exhibition of buyable ships at Navigation Buoy.
2013.11.26. v0.8  Show shields from NPC shields OXP and CustomShields OXP.
                  Fixed empty and duplicated names.
2013.11.25. v0.7  Show encountered and playable ships only by default.
                  Show in banks, recharge in words and name instead of dataKey.
                  Details of some ships are hidden using Technical Reference Library OXP by spara.
                  Must set $GalleryAll to true if wanted all ships and details.
                  Search menu with text entry in Oolite 1.79 and selection list in 1.77.
2013.11.23. v0.6  Works with Oolite v1.77 also (but slow and limited).
2013.11.22. v0.5  First usable version.
2013.11.21. v0.1  First test files.


Gallery v1.21 (downloaded 9189 times).

Gallery v1.20 (downloaded 2158 times).

Quick Facts

Version Released License Features Category Author(s) Feedback
1.21 2015-04-25 CC BY-NC-SA 4 Show installed ships Activities OXPs Norby BB-Link