Turret Toggler

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Fer-De Lance 3G with blackened side turrets


Since the introduction of the semi AI plasma turret technology, the mounting of such plasma turrets has become increasingly popular. No longer are they exclusive domain of carriers, frigates and similar large craft. The technology has been miniaturized in so much that even fighter class craft have been fitted with these plasma turrets. But something seemed missing, something so simple that it was surprising it was overlooked. It was the uncontrollable and unsafe nature of the these plasma turrets being always on all the time. This has lead to numerous friendly fire incidents resulting in destruction of property, loss of life and otherwise innocent commanders being tagged fugitives because of a design flaw in the implementation of this plasma turret technology.

But no more!

Solonar of Esceso, having spotted this seeming oversight early on, devoted his time and resources from his personal assets to develop a technology to improve the safety and controlability of the semi AI plasma turret technology. The first prototype of this device was installed and tested on a modified Fer de Lance 3G+, the Wayward, and seeing the possibilities of the application of so simple an innovation, he improved on the device until it was ready for final release. Thus was the founding of what has come to be known as SolarTech Industries. SolarTech, operating out of a refitted dodec station in Esceso space, now holds the GalCop patent for the Plasma Turret Regulator Device Apparatus, otherwise known as the Turret Toggler, is the sole producer of the Turret Toggler and at the time of this printing is dedicated only to producing the Turret Toggler.


This OXP requires Oolite v1.75+.


Download Turret Toggler 1.1 OXP here

Turret Toggler v1.2 by Lone Wolf here

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