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Orb sm.png
Size (metres, W×H×L) Unknown
Cargo capacity Unknown
Cargo bay extension Unknown
Maximum speed Unknown
Manoeuvrability Unknown
Energy banks Unknown
Energy recharge rate Unknown)
Gun mounts Unknown
Missile slots Unknown
Shield boosters available Unknown
Military shields available Unknown
Hyperspace capable Unknown
OXP or standard OXP
Available to player Unknown
Base price Unknown


Galactic Co-operative of Worlds

Police Update on Orb Sightings.

It has come to our attention over the last few
weeks that ships of an unusual design have
been reported throughout the eight galaxies.

GalCop would like to assure all Captains that
there is as yet no cause for alarm regardless
of rumors circulated by the discredited Dr H.Z.
( formerly a senior rocket scientist for Lance &
 Ferman )

The 'Orb' ships as they have become known
have been monitored by 'GalCop' for some time
and you can rest assured we are exercising
all means at our disposal in our on-going in
depth study of this new phenomenon.

In the interests of open cooperation with the
public here follows infomation pertinent to
busy Captains that has so far been deduced by
exhaustive investigation.

1) They are quite small.
2) Their ships are quite speedy.
3) They do not carry ID transponders.
4) Their communications so far do not seem to be
amenable to our universal translators.
5) We are therefore finding it difficult to charge
them under the 'Failure to carry an ID transponder'
6) They have been quite antisocial towards officers
who have gone about their lawful duty with regard
to point 5).

We therefore recommend to Captains that until such
time as we can initiate a useful verbal intercourse
with these beings, a healthy respectful distance be

The Galactic Co-operative of Worlds Police would
be grateful for any useful information regarding
'Orb' sightings and purposes.

Please contact one of our officers via this comms

You can find rather more information here


WARNING: The packages from both locations have got syntax errors and will not load with Oolite. A fix was in progress...

The Orbs are found in the Orb OXP. Or try downloading the whole bunch at Charlie's goodies.


Unsurprisingly, this broken OXP has attracted a lot of attention over the years. See 2009 & 2008...

Helpful comment from Kaks: As far as I can tell, orb.oxp depends on navyships.oxp which in turn depends - partially - on kestrel.oxp & merlin.oxp (2008)