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Lance and Ferman are a major supplier of military matériel. Their most renowned products include missiles and military lasers.

Lance and Ferman first achieved acclaim as a manufacturer of highly effective and relatively cheap missile systems. Their next exploit was the development of their renowned Seek & Kill missile system which enabled the missile to take instruction from the firer and then autonomously retain a virtually unbreakable lock on a moving target.

Their next development was in laser technology, where with the military laser they have in effect created a whole new laser market. The increase in both quantity and quality of the laser barrels has enabled the creation of a laser rod of greater length and power than previously thought to be possible. This has proved vital to the Navy in the constant battling with the Thargoids. The LF90 is the current computer-aided model and comes with x4SUSAT sights.

L&F are rumoured to be working on an advanced version of their Seek and Kill system for missiles.

OXP additions

LaserCannons adds another three models of laser:

  • Lance & Ferman Military Cannon
  • LF38 Twin Military Cannon
  • Lance & Ferman Base Cannon

Hand weapons

L&F Detective Special

The Lance and Ferman Detective Special is a small, lightweight laser pistol with an average power output of 1 kilo-watt. Its small stature belies a robust weapon that will work in all environments. It is a discreet weapon that can be easily hidden, a must for detectives on the beat. Although not prone to malfunction, such an event is usually disastrous to the weapon. The main drawback of the Detective Special is the low power output.

L&F Inspector Special

Lance and Ferman took the famously reliable "Detective Special" and threw some more money at it. They wanted a more upmarket weapon that was as successful as the Detective, but looked great and worked better. The resulting weapon was creatively labelled the "Inspector". Although the accuracy and looks were improved, the cost also increased, alienating loyal customers. The Inspector continues to sell, despite its only moderate success.


  • 2987 The First Ineran War: Lance and Ferman test their prototype Lance & Ferman Homing Missiles (4x4) during the Ineran Wars (from Oolite timeline).

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